apt for the nouveau-riche, THE district most cluttered with Apple-dedicated shops . from this map alone it would seem Korea is Apple country, but far~ from it . for this is only one Southern district of the Capital of Seoul, while other cities are lucky to have um, one !

and as there are NO real Apple Stores on the Korean Peninsula, except an on-Line Store :

  • Apple Premium ReSellers are the closest to those shiny glass blocks in major US cites, some with whole floor of Apple products while a few intact in a whole (small) building .
  • Apple Shop are some who have NOT made it as ReSellers, or might be selling other electronics brands along-side,
  • Apple certified seller branches, usually is merely an Apple corner or sales counter of a larger electronics mart .

View Apple shops in KangNam in a larger map

introduction to the KangNam area :
12.4.29 exlaination of KangNam through the posh movie ‘The Avengers’ .
12.9.29 Psy’s dance song ‘KangNam Style’ unraveled .




12.4 Korea Apple Store Directory :

11.2 Apple-Contracted Support Centers in South Korea :

12.4.29 Apple Stores near inCheon and GimPo AirPorts :


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