2011.8.20 Main Show-Room in the heart of Korean Beverly Hills, in the road across from Galleria twin shopping malls, ironically across the street from Canon (they have moved since, to a less flashy area below)
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by March 2013 they had moved West towards the “old” KangNam, where new mammoth structures were being built :
SEOUL Subway Line 2 SeoCho Station Exit 1 and a few minutes walk on the second block to your Right
this is the legal district right across from the court-house, with the second generation of coffee shop branches dotted all-over
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Panasonic operates 5 Show-Rooms around the Korean Peninsula, with support centers intact though keeping normal business hours (more support centers which are NOT at the site of these show-rooms):

  • two in the Capital of SEOUL
  • two in the South-Eastern Port City of Busan or Pusan
  • and one in textile City of DaeGu

while the above is their main show-room,
open through-out the Week, even Sundays 10am~8pm 02-542-8452

the other one in SEOUL is at the heart of photographic equipment whole-sale district at NamDaeMun (South Gate Market)
across South-West Entrance to the classic fashion district of MyeongDong
between the goliath ShinSeGae Department Store and NamDaeMun (South Gate)
open Weekdays 9:30am~6pm and Saturday until 3pm 02-755-8452


[ DAEGU or TaeGu ] on the 7th floor of the old DongHwa Department Store
loosely North-East of JoongAngRo Subway Station Exit 3


[ BUSAN or Pusan ] BOTH their show-rooms in Busan is near the old train station, now rebuilt for KTX bullet train, actually a subway station on either side North and South of .

the first one North is near Busan’s furniture district of JaCheonDong
Busan Subway JaCheon Station Exits 2 and 4, and just Left there-after
open Weekdays 9am~6pm and Saturday until 4pm 051-633-8452

and South at the entrance to Busan’s own “camera row” where electronics including cameras were smuggled in across the strait from Japan, long before official import days in 1960’s and 70’s .

Busan Subway NanPo Station Exit 7 and just ahead
open Weekdays 9am~7pm and closed on Weekends and holidays 051-255-0300