lemme start-out my own come-back with a cult movie that embellish dreams into younglings in their own hey-days. and-Yes, I-too doubted whether a young Maverick can return with even a similar carisma and Bang! after 35 years, when you are driving on your electric car onto re-usable rocket launch-site heading for Mars. and just-like another teen-throb won a all-aired messy divorce battle: he’d dunnit again. and when it comes onto the most technologically-advanced consumer nation on the Globe, I will come to experience it on none-other than CGV 3D-4DX.

1986 5.Top Gun now what were you doing at that time? and has Life exerted yellow-path onto your very-own dreams? so how-old are they now:

Jennifer Connelly160 Nicole Kidman event The Paperboy (2012) 160 Tom Cruise003_160
Jennifer Connelly 51 years-old Nicole Kidman 54 years-old Tom Cruise 59 years-old
MegRyan005_160 Actor-Val-Kilmer-as-Iceman-in-Top-Gun160 Kelly McGillis005_160br-con-sa-5b
Meg Ryan 60 years-old Val Kilmer 62 years-old Kelly Mcgillis 64 years-old
[ Crunching The Age-Factor ]

as you can see from current ages of its original cast and some more, Hollywood tried quite-hard to stretch how much age-range they can crunch-into the gap between the two sequels. noteably by bringing-in Jennifer Connelly still NOT over the hill yet looks the ball-park. and it is simply amazing (as most space-age test pilots got da’Right-Stuff) how the original Tom Cruise couple retain much of their youth as compared to the rest who just washed-away, as-in: you don’t wanna see how they look like to-day. no, not basic discrimination but hailing the ideal that you sow how hard you try to keep yourself fit, and some-more.

so un-Real: what are the chances a powerful nation’s Navy would let the keys to test-pilot a Hyper-Sonic Jet towards astonishing Mach-TEN mark to a still rock-climbing fanatic hitting sixty-year old now.

Re-Play galore:as amazing a block-buster was the original master-piece, to play back older scenes over-and-over again, don’t value in the Millennium driving electric cars to Mars space-ship lauch-site.

Too Realistic: illness and death should be the last thing a fighter pilot has on his/her mind. so bringing-back a washed-out (face-body-and-mind) voice-less actor is going over the lawn. at-least well, they had the future-ness to artificially make him speak in the new movie, hmmm


[ South-Korean Release Delayed ]

2022 5.Top Gun Maverick was supposed to start first in South Korea than any part around the Globe on May 25 Wednesday two-days earlier than States-side, but was delayed onto June 22 Wednesday. the reason seem to be strategic in luring more Summer vacationers as school have shorter Summer vacation in the Orient than the States. also Tom Criuse’ Korean visit have been cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic. however South Korea is at its safest since the outbreak with Worldly-spike in Spring as the most population has been vaccinated FOUR times now, but probably because people don’t sign-up and go to the hospital as it is now designated a home-remedy illness by Korean CDC. perhaps because its star-actor couldn’t make it onto South Korea – now a power-ful distribution link on planet Earth, as he did appear at Lotte Tower Mall on June 19 Sunday evening. The Target: none-other than a zig-zag flight-plan much like destroying nerve-pin in the Death Star on another action movie that set the Century: Star-Wars.

[ Maverick: The Up-Side ]

and-yes, you got to give it to the makers as they accomplished the seemingly impossible: make us come-back and enjoy with enough frill. and I’d like to put this on the positive-than-negative side: that they had to mix a trio of past movies to get this. FireFox 1982, The Right Stuff 1983 and Top Gun 1986 bringing-up the good-ol’eighties hits (music’s good too).

[ Maverick: The Down-Side ]

Yes-sure the original was just too good a mega-hit to just let-go, and start its longing sequel. but right from the beginning it does show they don’t have the script nor cast and ofcourse the gambling guts to make another one like this. so simply re-run much of the original scenes, over-and-over. and it gets to be too much as you yearn for the better. but all-in-all the two are tied-up as the creators has made-it-so. plus Top-Gun is about the young Bang! up-in-the-airish, but you get to see how physical and medical reality has hit one of its aspiring stars. and-oh that’s a downer, still with all-due respect as to what he had to go through in real-Life.


Question: Who is the enemy?

  • Yes from the original movie the enemy planes and their pilots were simply black in color with silhouettes implying Russian. and continues in the sequel but with more human gesture. the movies don’t imply and the leading cast while shooting in Dubai for Mission impossible replied they’re there for the movie and not politics. so need for critics and viewers to go on an imaginary trip to figure where there is no Official answer. it’s a movie about being physically and mentally ready, and fighting back when attacked.

You can be a fighter-pilot too!

  • as we know the pre-story and the first half of the sequel brings-back old-scenes and injects drama for the come-back. it is during this time between motor-cycle nostalgia and beach-ball fun during briefing and review you get the chance to play-out this specific mission-scenario on how you yourself will fly-it out, with over-all GPS seen on radar images: this is as-if you are playing Ace Combat game of Play-Station fame. then from 90-minutes into the two-hour movie you feel the hype you felt at the very-beginning of the first movie with its historical opening and sound-track! although I’ve seen it on hazy CAM version from earlier States-side release, I gotta get back to CGV 4DX – moving chairs minus 3D-effect. which begins with the Captain Maverick giving the order to launch *two-dozen Tomahawk missiles to destroy enemy airfield to disable their planes launching – and this is ever-lasting power still very-much ALive.


* * * * * SPOILER ALERT * * * * *

surprisingly the most serene moment of this movie is not when you go back to see so-disabled ice-man, but when Maverick is unconscious downed from missile hit trying to save Goose’s son – an aspiring pilot now and yes, full of hatred to the very Maverick. and here we go back to three previous movies:

  1. 1997 ‘Air Force One’ starring Harrison Ford who also piloted the Millennium Falcon in the reverable Star Wars multi-Trilogy when Maverick takes the hit in place of Goose’s son. and
  2. 1982 ‘FireFox’ starring Clint Eastwood the Magnum cop when you incredibly decide to hijack and enemy plane. plus a moment there from
  3. 1996 ‘independence Day’ starring Jeff Goldblum as-in: trying to make-believe to the enemy pilot you are on their side.

and in retrospect: times have changed, and so did planes but here’s an ode to Tom Cruise who once married the Australian siren while racing stunt cars, and as much as he’ll climb mountains no-matter how old you grow even to replay a murdered revolutionary Nazi-hero. he’s dun’it again
Ready Player One008_480

– Uhah, Great Balls’o’Fire, Korea Tech BLog