[ Electric Rice Cooker Brand Names ] Zojirushi vs Cuckoo vs Bubang/Cuchen/Lihom

the synonym for electric rice cookers, was neighboring Japanese brand name of Zojirushi
meaning “Elephant logo”, enjoyed from the days the island nation started making home kitchen appliances counting down to the Tokyo Olympics, which as with most developed nations : became the starting line into Global electronics fan-fare .

over a decade later in 1978 came local Korean counter parts of Cuckoo and then in 2004 Cuchen and Lihom which is the same company ( note as in the case with Japanese Zojirushi, Korean Cuchen and Lihom had their share of changing company names and brands)

currently a decade post-Millennium, in super-advanced South Korean technopian life
(ironic for yet notoriously unstable : a ship or island just up North still gets bombed suddenly from one of the last-standing dictatorship in the World)
Cuckoo dominates the electric rice cooker market roughly over 80%

the difference in actual cooking ?
well, Zojirushi was supposed to be the softest, and then Cuckoo while Lihom advertised hard-cooking like rock-stoves in the old days .. but it is savoured in the tasted of the consumer : You . thus a good Decade after the Millennium, I suggest you go for the exterior design instead .


[ Japanese vs Korean rice cookers ]

one stark difference is obvious between Japanese and Korean cookers in design, for Japan has stayed pure white and calm beige from the start (I should point they have much-advanced color trend research apparatus from the “monozukuri” (the culture of making tangible “things”) machine-building days right after the Tokyo Olympics ’64)
while Koreans make the ugliest color set and combination to-date even in solid red .

so much so that perhaps re-living the ancient days when gold was noble : it and black adorne the higher expensive models, duh



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( April 2013 Wrap-Up ) on which is which

Japanese Zojirushi is still the revered mother, but no need to rever upon it anymore with so much domestic models with some priced high as the former like an italian fashion import .

among domestic brands Cuckoo dominates the market, while Cuchen/Lihom advertises more crispy burning .