[ difference between a software reset and firmware upgrade ]
  1. a software reset clears all optional settings you have implemented onto your device, and reverts the software back to its original factory default settings .
  2. firmware tweaks actual hardware, so should power failure happen : your device will turn to a solid brick, unable to do anything . and if you do a firmware upgrade, this will now be your new factory default . although ipTime regularly posts new firmware : there are instances every now-and-then when its firmware cannot be reverted to an old version, exactly because the newly administered hardware will NOT be compatible nor recognize its earlier version itself .
  3. in short : software reset can be used casually for whatever reason and unexplained behaviour, but firmware upgrade should be handled with care, if you do decide to go for it – and NOT recommended unless some things do NOT work or you have recently changed your computer OR moved to a new location OR signed-up with a new iSP internet service provider !

RESET 1. plug-in the power source . I cannot accentuate this further because even the same AC/DC adaptor with the same voltage and amplifier may NOT work, if it is NOT the one supplied with your router out-of-the-box //

RESET 2. one of the four-or-so LED lights on the front or top of your router would be blinking . ( CPU here means the CPU of the router and NOT your computer ) this means that the device is functioning only whether or not it has been connected .

RESET 3. find the ReSet button or hole depending upon your model . it will most probably be a 1/8-inch diameter hole, where you can insert the tip of a paper-clip .

RESET 4. press-in and keep it there for a least 10 seconds, after which the slow blinking will suddenly accelerate into blinking more quickly . now let it go, as you are done pushing and the router will turn itself OFF and then ON again automatically with factory settings (unless you have upgraded the firmware yourself – if you have : it will revert to that latest firmware upgrade point).

RESET over-view : now let’s review this to make sure (NOT implying you should actually do this all-over again) 1. notice the CPU LED will be blinking slowly .. 2. find and push-in the ReSet button or hole for more than 10 seconds .. 3. you will notice the blinking suddenly turns faster .. 4. let go, and the device will turn-OFF and ON again by itself .


which means now :

  1. your router can be access by inputting onto your internet browser,
  2. there is NOT ID nor password set to access your control panel,
  3. SSiD of your router is the default “ipTime”



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