this Page is for users searching for English manuals for their Korean Cuckoo electric rice cooker . note Cuckoo sells different models to different countries, so foreign language manuals are not available for every model . if they are, it will be in either in Japanese and Chinese also aside from English .

if you were given one as a gift from abroad : you are stuck with it, or maybe you purchased at a Duty-Free Shop at the airport . other-wise I advise you to consider what to do for repair .. before considering to buy one (comparison between popular models in the Orient is on a separate Page on Top-Right Menu).


remember many things can go wrong in a machine that compresses stream all  controlled electronically, so you should purchase with repair in mind, not to mention the need to exchange its top rubber sealant perhaps every year as mentioned on my rice cooker Page on Top-Right Menu .

Cuckoo is the largest manufacturer of electric rice cookers in South Korea that they have spread-out to other products for home . but their support centers cannot be compared to those of Global conglomerates like SamSung and LG Electronics, as they are smaller in scale and hard to find even though they have quite a number of sites throughout the Korean Peninsula .

although Cuckoo sells to many countries throughout the Globe, note it has relatively few support centers on each continent . aside from home country of South Korea, Cuckoo currently has

  • four Support Centers in Vietnam
  • one in indonesia,
  • two each in Australia and New Zealand
  • one in all of Russia,
  • and four on each coast of North America .


  • Official Cuckoo Support Centers in South Korea ≫LiNK
  • Cuckoo international vendors ≫LiNK
  • Korean manuals by model at Official Korean Cuckoo WebSite ≫LiNK
  • Korean, Chinese and English manuals by model at U.S.A Cuckoo Mall ≫LiNK
  • international Cuckoo Support Centers map ≫LiNK


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