bathrooms in Europe has long been equipped with wash sink for females, and the electric and electronic versions became wide-spread in South Korea over the Millennium . ofcourse automatic bidets are a life-time in neighboring Japan where technopia started earlier, especially in public bathrooms including laidies room and mens room . and a decade-past : it is daunting for the first-timer to choose one from the proliferating number of models . but any which way you have to purchase from a large OR specialized company with local support, for this is one machine with constant moving parts, AND add water into the equation and you have a formula for high-risk .



well, at least one consolation for you won’t have to look other than one brand in Novita, as they now dominate the market with water dispensers and humidifiers . they have many, many models they saturate the stores as well as On-Line ranking sites with, but you will realize domestic bidets splash water hard onto you, for some use water pumps intended for industrial use 0o0 you will notice this considerably comparing with Japanese models whose streams are so soft . so if you are used to those with soft sprays, better opt for imports and better-yet, those that export .

an older house-hold utilities company Rinnai known mostly for gas boilers, ranges and electric heaters periodically imports a few high-end bidets from Japan, the States and Europe . then you have one wonderous company who has made nothing but bidet, and their chosen niche was to export, that they are well known for OEM from Japanese electronics giants Hitachi and Sanyo, promotes theirs as the “European” bidet and now boasts theirs are the ones chosen from the Louvre Museum .

thus much alike OhSungSa in its dedicated category of humidifiers, I am a long-time follower and promoter of SamHongSa now Globalized as SamHongTech . it was ripe onto the Millennium, just before the influx On-Line Shopping Malls in a time when bidet was sold together with fresh water dispensers in your neighborhood . meaning : a rather small store specializing in water-products will sell several brands AND care for support in installment and repair . upon checking on virtual forums as well as a consultation to our local store, one model stood-out as a best-seller with virtual no problem in the long run . in was 2002 and this Page is an ode to the two wonderful machines that kept us clean physically and in mind .

both around W250,000 ~ 350,000 at the time, the former was a compact bidet and latter still the more compact with circular rear to fit into dwarf toilets which have water containers built-in, instead of protruding on the top in the back .

SamHong Magic Clean SB-620 bidetnuri_31_2 SamHong Magic Clean SB-620 bidetnuri_31_1 SamHong Magic Clean SB-620 bidetnuri_31 SamHong Magic Clean SB-620 BidetNuri

above SamHongSa Bidet SB-620 (introduced June 2002) coming in either beige-white or crimson-red with detachable top flap for cleaning, air-soft-closing cover so that it won’t shut down clamp with a sound, warm seat, self-cleaning mode and air-dry coming in a choice of white, beige and dark-red wine colors . had to exchange the pump in FIVE years and again in TWO .

below again SamHongSa SB-435 (introduced May 2004) but rounded rear-side-and-bottom to fit into all-in-one single-piece toilets with water tank intact . so compact you can carry around, which I did for it was meant for your Summer home on HaeUnDae Beach 😉

SamHong Magic Clean SB-435 bidetnuri_29_2 SamHong Magic Clean SB-435 bidetnuri_29_1 SamHong Magic Clean SB-435 bidetnuri_29 SamHong Magic Clean SB-435 BidetNuri



[ PRICE ] surprisingly the price of a bidet falls almost 1/3 after its initial year, and good for the consumer for this time-period equals the amount needed for user trial tales to circulate considering constant moving parts within . more-over a new model every year really is NOT necessary for a machine that has basically the same specifications, and the manufacturers bound-to perhaps for competition and consumer awareness ..

  • bare-bone bidet cost around W80,000 but short for sufficient safety nor cleansing,
  • and the most popular ones with basic automation goes for roughly W170,000
  • while price deciders below separate them into higher category at W250,000 and W350,000


[ SIZE ]
most come in standard compact, but also available in large size and expensive all-in-one unit built-in with the toilet, thus TOTO is the most expensive .

[ BASIC CAPABILITY ] each option will add a slight price-hike, but some now common

  • hot-and-cold water models which take hot water directly from the faucet, saving electricity are cheap BUT but a mess to install -_-
  • heated seat,
  • human-aware sensor will prepare operation (such as heating water & clean nozzle) on detection,
  • nozzle will usually protrude to two splashing positions in middle and rear, but may add a child position up front,
  • may form tiny bubbles into splashing water for a more soft contact,
  • may alter splash pressure simulating massage,
  • soothing medical effect could be had when it can continue to splash hot water – earlier models don’t,
  • some machines will blow warm air afterwards to dry,
  • and some will even emit fragrance into the air,


[ PRICE DECIDERS ] these will add considerable more W10,000

  • stainless steel nozzle (recommended for sanitation)
  • remote control (neh)
  • automatic open and closing cover (exercise !)



I thought might NOT to include this or stick this up in the beginning, for you really don’t want to spread ugly tales even if is true – for the pure love of consumer electronics, more-over a reality happening every day in South Korea . but when you have stayed around the Peninsula over a year : sooner-or-later you will get to know a charming lady whose sister is selling water products – usually a combination set of water purifier, dispenser, bidet and even humidifier . you have not much option in picking individual models as these are set as a sales package . the monthly payments seem affordable but when calculated each with competing prices especially On-Line : you are being had . so better prepare a solid excuse NOT to, from the start -_-


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