Apple Korea FAQ (frequently asked questions)
– more coming soon –


[Q] are there Official Apple Stores in South Korea ?

[Q] still non-comprendo : WHY is there NO Official Apple Store in such a crowded country where advanced consumer technology can be witnessed every day ?

[Q] What ?! how do you pronounce a# ?
and ain’t Frisbee a plastic UFO dish you throw to your doggie on the beach ?
and my CONCIERGE is the solemn butler at Ritz-Carlton Suite right ?
then willys is the good ol’ jeep of WWII fame – Oh, they still used it during the Korean War is that why ?
then is Alife related to a#shop ?

I mean, what is this with the incomprehensible names of these Apple Premium ReSellers in South Korea ???

[Q] so what is the difference between these Apple Premium ReSellers ?

[Q] if Apple ever does decide to open a full-fledged Store in South Korea :
WHERE would you fathom its geographical location to be ?


[Q] OK, what really is the difference between buying at :

  1. the Official Korean Apple On-Line Store,
  2. Apple Premium ReSellers,
  3. Department Store,
  4. electronic districts or dedicated buildings,
  5. on-Line internet shopping mall,


[Q] is it better to buy an iPod/iPhone/iPad/Mac abroad and bring it in ?

[Q] is eBay international shipping pretty safe in South Korea ?

[Q] do expatriates in South Korea use Apple products much ?

[Q] and should I sell my device when leaving the country for good ?

[Q] are Apple accessories sold in South Korea just about the same as the States ?

[Q] can I get my Apple product bought in the States repaired in an Apple Support Center in South Korea ?

[Q] what is Apple product support like in South Korea ?


[Q] even while abroad I enjoyed Korean mp3 players AND earphones immensely popular for a while .
how do they stand now against iPod Touch 4th Generation ?

[Q] do Korean people generally prefer iPhone or Android ?
☞ Android .

[Q] Which is better to use in South Korea : Apple iPad or SamSung Galaxy Tab ?
☞ Galaxy .

[Q] what is the user ratio between PC and Mac computers in South Korea ?
☞ as of 2012 Mac users amount to less than 1% to maximum 3% depending on the source AND how you measure demographics .

[Q] would a PC or Mac be more safe to use internet banking in South Korea ?
☞ by necessity of ActiveX, even Mac users have to switch to Windows when using On-Line banking .


[Q] Where do you get release dates from ? mentioned on new products to land onto South Korea, as Apple seldom announce these,
☞ either Apple-contracted telecommunication companies or reputable media source .

[Q] how come you don’t have extensive previews and reviews of Korea’s very own SamSung Electronics’ Galaxy cell and smart phones and tabs ? matter of fact : you barely mention them aside from electric or electronic appliances ..
☞ it comes two-folds in product as well as marketing : because they try to saturate the market with needless number of models, THEN casually practice unethical sales such as dumping and rank-site tweaking .

[Q] oh, BTW by-the-way : is there any good, dependable no-BS AND regularly updated Tech BLog dealing with Korea and Korean electronic products ?



– yesss, none-other than Korea Tech BLog, June 2011 –
envisioning a day when Apple can be like all-American pizza parlours landed earlier-on