introduced in January and released in March this is an extremely popular camcorder that it wasn’t available in user communities who buy in group sets nor at on-line shopping malls who noticed unclear shipping dates . in case like this you head onto one of SonyStyle showrooms and check in case if an member who reserved the product in advance has cancelled . though they sell only in announced sticker price they do credit your membership points – for use later on another Sony product .

for the pure reason that this camcorder does not have any bad reviews . with considerable size for a hard-disk type . buttons are well placed and touchscreen always a joy . and having tried other makers on digital cameras and camcoders Sony is best on motion correction .

  • 1/3″ ClearVid CMOS optical sensor
  • 0 lux minimal illumination
  • recording format : mpeg-2
  • shutter speed : 1/2 ~ 1/800 seconds
  • built-in flash effective 1 ~ 8 feet
  • 2.28 MegaPixel video resolution
  • 3.04 MegaPixel still resolution in jpeg format
  • Memory Stick Pro
  • 30 or 40GB Hard Disk Drive built-in
  • lens aperture : f/1.8~2.9
  • filter size : 54 mm
  • focal length in 35 mm camera  standard :40 ~ 400 mm
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 surround audio recording
  • remote control
  • mini-docking station included
  • 2.7″ colour LCD
  • Sony NP-FH60 battery included
  • 128 x 78 x 76 mm 560g with supplied battery

camcorders normally have a shorter wide angle than digital cameras so try a couple of add-on lens if needed . then one of the cooler points of this product is its original Sony case which engulfs the machine around and sporty to carry around though bulky when put into luggage .