Best motion picture to watch in reference for the current Wuhan Corona Epidemic under the genre : Science Fiction > Pandemic movies (in the order of those with an entertaining mix of reality and action – because it is a movie, but not too-much drama.. as we do need Hope in time of Worldly despair)

  1. OutBreak released 1995
  2. Andromeda Strain released 2008
  3. Andromeda Strain released 1971


Yes the 1971 Andromeda Strain is the master-piece and the first of its kind (much alike THE classic Science Fiction movie of ALL Science Fiction movies : 2001 Space Odyssey released 1968 which I watched in-awe with my mouth really open the first time around) but it proceeds too slow movie-wise, and centers-in on drama and over-all a “quiet” movie to the tune of X-Files TV-series which began airing two-decades later in 1993 . so, is really not entertaining at-all .

but we virtual humans always connected to the .Net living in the visual age, now accustomed to crystal-sharp images and ultra-modern facilities produced through cutting-edge filming technology both in video, audio and graphic add-ons . so movies made later are much-more appealing to us :


2008 Andromeda Strain ups the ante, with younger actors, story easier to understand, all proceeding in exciting speed with enough thrill . and 1995 OutBreak is the winner still, with top-notch Hollywood Stars and story-line while much alike other movies mentioned .

this Post is for your reference especially for the laymen to learn about BioHazard terms, lingo, your options and its consequences – Doctor Spock of Star Trek fame would hymn “Fascinating !” as all containing real-life events on the real-news today : towns and cities in containment, intriguing computer processing, questionable government controversies, although Thank-God ! short of actual annihilation (of humans, though animals are mercilessly slaughtered by the thousands when other virus hit – to protect humans ofcourse).

– Korea Tech BLog

( June 17 Wednesday Epilogue, though it seems there won’t be one ) as this Covid-19 Pandemic spills-over well onto its fourth Month, further fuelled-up by seemingly-racial violence States-side : this Corona Virus may be with us to stay, gradually in lesser form where we will need a more extensiF Jedi-list of apocalyptic movies to at least console our-selves it is still al-right..