as cute and small as Panasonic’s introduction of GF3 in the Summer of 2011
due to its miniscule body size for a lens-exchangeable camera
the strap ring width is 6.5mm – too narrow for your normal camera neck strap to slide through .

Panasonic does have a few solutions of their own :

first in DMW-BCSK1 (5,544 Yen in Japan)
which is a package set of DMW-CGB3
– as a body-enveloping case as with Sony NEX series –
and a thin neck strap DMW-SSTG7

it comes in attractive choice of brown, pink or white
with model numbers followed by -T, -P and -W respectively .


or you can buy the same DMW-SSTG7 strap alone (3,438 Yen) in either the same brown or white and even extra choices of red and black added with -R and -K added on their model numbers .
total length is 870mm while the width for the camera ring is a mere 6mm.

or a wider strap in rope mesh type DMW-SSTG8 (same price)
in a choice of again the same color variations with extra model numbers followed,
with the same length and width for camera ring .

Panasonic does have hand-straps DMW-HSTG1 (2,388 Yen) which slings only onto one side of the camera ring
but hey, you don’t want to take any chances of crashing this rather expensive device
by hanging around like a compact digital camera 😉

alternatives are offered by an eBay seller paulineng2009 from Hong Kong (USD $10. including shipping)
selling wide ethnic motive camera straps with 6mm-width attachment for your camera ring .


then an alternative from Korean photo-accessory maker Arnuvo where here is a fun multi-purpose strap for either the hand or neck available in red or black colors (21,000 Won in South Korea)



(Japanese and Korean prices are of the cheapest on-Line Store which deliver within the country with additional next-day delivery shipping for usually 450~500 Yen and 2500~3000 Won respectively)

– Korea Tech BLog, August 2011 –