Post-Millennium South Korea : beaucoup choices of camera cases and bags – the former with a simple strap, encasing the camera only with flat lens, and the latter with a handle and/or shoulder strap/back-pack . aside from Japanese camera makers like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony; popular ones are casual camera bag brands from the States in LowePro and National Geographic; and prestigious European brand names like italian Kata . while most of these Global models are available here, the only exception would be local “Official” models dubbed by Korean importers to sell as a package with their Japanese brand-name usually OEM from China – rather cheap version from the ones originally packaged in neighboring Japan .

as a part-time photographer : my load has evolved with the times,  from the large stack of photographic equipment always hinged in the rear of my car in a Tamrac canvas or aluminum case which you can sit on – to a simple duo of mirror-less camera and shorter version of zoom lens, still ofcourse with a back-up set . so here, introducing my choice of camera bag around 30cm in length, which can contain at least an iPad Mini AND looks fashionable enough to carry even while NOT on shooting assignment . I have come to stick to Nikon, although its camera line fading with the times, even for professionals, which now offer the protection, portability AND style .

system-backpack-sp7302 system-backpack-sp7943 system-backpack-sp5786 system-backpack-sp7207
NOG System BackPack introduced 2011 W77,000
Pro’s :

  • nice concept as you can use it as a flat back-pack, then thicken for camera equipment – like those large airline luggage with adjustable zippers .
  • also just the right length to accompany a mid-size tripod .


  • however the put-all-your-equipment-in-pouches walled vertically onto the back panel, may NOT work for all camera bodies or lens ..


3-Way Tote Bag Mini introduced 2011 W70,000
where you have a choice between the larger black Tote Bag and smaller beige Mini
is my choice in this round, so will review in a separate Post .
triplebagntriplebagmini_7801 triplebagntriplebagmini_7802 triplebagntriplebagmini_7803 triplebagntriplebagmini_7804 triplebagntriplebagmini_7805 canvas-n-sp7821 canvas-n-sp4022 canvas-n-sp6863 canvas-n-sp5004 canvas-n-sp7005
Canvas N introduced 2011 WW74,000
with choice of either Orange, Brown or Blue

as a common traditional National Geographic-type canvas bag, the only thing going for it may be its color variations, adding a Post-modern feel to it .

– Korea Tech BLog on the beginning of Summer Time –