note that in this “Visual” World, “seeing” is widely accepted as, or even better than believing
thus any serious business traveler needs a “second” digital camera that can

  1. small enough to be held in your palm to be used as a “spy” camera,
  2. AND instantly be put in a side pocket,
  3. with enough zoom ranges to carry ONE versatile camera instead of two OR more,
  4. still with enough resolution to be used for graphic as well as business applications,
  5. AND manual operation option – a must in case you carry as an emergency second OR third camera for professionals .
  6. also the better if it can double as a mini-camcorder,


so it is this category (two notches above the fully-automated simple, cheapest variety – a.k.a. expensive compacts) that we mention here at Korea Tech BLog all along among the joyful, myriad of choices you have today in choosing a digital camera – more and more arming specifications of a camcorder a decade after the Millennium ..

ever since the line that started the ‘WX’ in the original WX1 Sony has given the versatile ability to shoot in low light (while adding un-necessary colors AND/OR saturation)

all-so-good however the two short-comings on the WX5 was that you cannot get too close to the subject AND it being too small AND slipperly needing much attention on safety, when you want to be more focused on the subject as well as the surrounding .


come HX7V now after the zoom-choice of last year’s HX5V . with a much-welcomed rubber grip on the Right end . also this the first time in an expensive compact that a wide choice of colors are imported from neighboring Japan . it used to be that while the original manufacturing country of Japan show-cases almost a rainbow assortment, only the safe-marketable black, silver and sometime gold colors were officially imported that one had to opt for those that are NOT officially imported with complicated support procedures although slightly cheaper in price .

Sony has up’ed tha ante with HX9V (both introduced in January 2011 but this NOT imported yet) with :

  1. wider zoom range of a whopping 24 ~ 384mm while HX7V holds 25 ~ 250mm still more than your every day needs,
  2. pop-up flash,
  3. slightly brighter (and darker at extremes) lens of f.3.3 ~ 5.9 compared to HX7V’s f.3.5 ~5.5
  4. which adds 5mm thickness onto the camera now looking more like mirror-less hybrids .