when the current home-ground for costume-play in America : San Diego Comic Con first set-off back in 1970 – a massive endeavour opened in Osaka the second city in neighboring Japan . and there a hobby-following ensued : where die-hard fans of animation and games made themselves-up to minute-likeliness of its characters . dubbed as CosPlay much in Japanese-way as endless terms borne from English, it has been practiced here in South Korea as well since early 1990’s .

although the personalites look perfectly glamorous : you would seldom recognize them among a commuting train as they are rarely lean nor tall as shown on their final promotion photos . and wearing the very outfit you yourself made if quite necessary as most are loosely constructed, notoriously uncomfortable and would break on a wrong move -_-

it began as pure fans getting together at quite-large photo-shoots at exhibition centers in the Capital of SEOUL and the Port City of Busan or formerly Pusan . most used to make clothes as well as gears including seeming-weapons reflected in Japanese comic and game characters, but small private business sprang-up getting paid to sew-up these unique pieces . and now even professional groups have formed, some quite famous in their own field comparable to pop girl-groups sweeping Asia and even lesser known dance-groups .

ever since Korean professional cosplay (costume play) team Spiral Cats was crowned as promotional ambassador for AMD Korea last December 26 2013, they have appeared at new product event for Kaveri at ChungDam CGV movie theatre on January 13 and now take front-page advertisement for AMD over South Korea .
AMD cosplay by Spiral Cats Tasha1 600x1k AMD cosplay by Spiral Cats Tasha5 441x1k
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