there is a queer match going-on in the Capital of an ever-divided Peninsula . The very precurser to a common science fiction scenario : Man versus Machine . it happens so often, from The Terminator to Star Wars . Where is it begin ? While we are now riding the very tide . and news all-around the Orient – it is . as (another human genious-devised) A.i. artificial intelligence cooly challenges human professional players on its second-round .

an ambitious research project from a super-start-up company challenging many aspects of Post-Modern, Millennium Life almost large enough still incredibly dense as the farthest black hole, pitting against a genious grown on a once-war-torn land developed to its limits with latest cutting-edge technological intra-net, can easily make news .


and while some may say this is wonderful, I shutter on hearing the latest development almost from the very beginning, almost as watch reruns and sequels of the psycho-horror movie Poltergeist // for this would be two concepts both natural and man-made, that should go against, but to co-incide in the most beautiful harmony . for beginners : they are both of very different calculation, thinking and mind . and when they collide, would form horribly-weird equations eventually catalystic to both parties .

– And The Winner Takes it ALL, Korea Tech BLog –


( March 13 Sunday evening update ) a year after we have enjoyed the fifth installment of The Terminator, humans were utterly surprised of its third loss to the machine, then signed with astonishment after human’s belated win . a machine already has proven capability to calculate all-conceivable out-come . then the challenge comes in how adept will it be to predict the future, from previous equations . the catalyst for the human player, was to devise how the machine ticked contemplating the two .