” Our family once had a rather small stray-dog who was very clever, as to circle-her/himself out of her/his tangled chain leash on his/her solid-metal cage .. but I neglected her/him, that I do not know what happened to her/him ”
– Korea Tech BLog –


[ EPILOG ] come back to think of it : I was dissappointed on-start, then surprised as the movie proceeded to the middle, to get totally confused towards the end .

  1. having expected this to be a Sci-Fi science-fiction movie, even though with mediocre cast : I was disappointed to find it beginning as slow drama in the farm, with incomprehensible talk continuing .
  2. then amazed to find it is about TiME . and how the limit-less vast space can be shrunk into a handful of TiME in our perception .
  3. and in a confusing loss, as the two mentioned switched back-and-forth, inter-mingled and even co-existed .


[ INCONSISTENCIES ] trying to find loop-holes as this movie came more-or-less out-of-the-blue ~

  • initial makings of a B-Movie : never shows outer exterior scene on how the space rockets and/or ships lift-off from Earth or there-after .
  • the space rocket and astronauts’ uniforms seem of modern design, yet the space-ship is too much futuristic .
  • many reviews would like to relate this movie to the all-time Sci-Fi classic 2001 A Space Odyssey series, but cannot compare in sheer scale and weight – for humans, like cats are suckers for curiosity : the unexplained plot of the iniitial 2001 movie (to be gradually introduced in the succeeding two sequels) caught our attention as well as following on-set .

High-Point : space-ship attempting to dock onto a partially-destroyed thus rotating space-station !

Low-Point : it is a massive waste and unbearably regretable, that the almighty-intelligent robots on both compared-movies had to be sacrificed for the survival of mankind
this crucial topic to be dealt on a separate Post .

Lession-Learnt : to build the largest library possible in the course of your Life-Time – a hidden obsession I have had for a while in childhood, fogged by vain need to replace it by digital storage //


then, pure Love .. TBA

( 5252 B.C.Update ) I got it .. after three viewings – all in different versions and ending with iMAX, or was it thirty ? I remember the first time I saw the classic movie ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’. I quietly exclaimed “WoW !” and hoped somehow my Life would ever be this wonderful . has been long since that I have been amazed movie-or-reality alike . the have to thank the makers of this movie in bringing back that amazing feeling . Yes it certainly is B-Movie material compared to true Post-Modern Hollywood block-busters, but Oh how parts of this movie make your own tingle – those that you’ve left long-ago, or still didn’t realize you ever had . Our distant-past and future, the good and the bad, Life and Hope . so Tech BLog in Korea .