usually the peak Summer vacation dates in South Korea is from the last Week of July through the first Week of August and the golden-time for holiday lasting until mid-August . so these dates are the most expensive time to travel and it all begins when annual Oriental Monsoon rainy season ends around July 25 . Yes this is the time when the whole populace goes-on mass-migration only second and third to Korean ThanksGiving and Chinese Lunar NEW Years when those who have moved onto the Capital of SEOUL go back home in mass-exodus . ofcourse the extent would be less due to on-going Corona Virus but also rainy season comes late this year : raining the whole Week of July 27 Monday so the main vacation would be delayed a Week . again YongSan has lost much of its Electronics glory due to On-Line Stores so there is really the need to mention two main buildings – all explained in detail in YongSan Electronics Market dedicated Page on Top Menu .

  • JeonJa (Electronics) Land at the West-end of YongSan Electronics District : will Officially close August 1 Saturday ~ 6 Thursday 2020 but some floors will be open so inquire at their information desk 080-097-7979
  • Seon-in Sang-Ga (Market) at the centre of YongSan Electronics District : closed August 1 Saturday until 4 Tuesday, 2020


still, in a shift-of-demographics : YongSan has become a re-borne place with the addition of Dragon City in the Fall of 2017 – a relatively small-but-tall complex of four international Deluxe Hotels (as-always geographically from West-to-East : Grand Mercure Ambassador Hotel and Residence, ibis styles Ambassador, Novotel Ambassador and Novotel Suites Ambassador), so you might just want to visit to take a panoramic-view of that – Yes, worth-it .

– Up, Up and Away, Korea Tech BLog