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downers :

  1. the story-line seem Modern cliche that this 2013 movie barely recuperated its original production cost,
  2. all actors and actress in it are B-movie material, or has eventually or just become one and if not : are acting after just waking-up in the morning or simply too tired to get going .
  3. there is a surprise ending a-la-Sixth Sense, but by the time we reach this : aren’t ready to even be surprised so becomes an un-welcome drag instead -_-


uppers :

  1. continuous mention of dot-com start-up jargon that it is more-over the whole “tone” of the whole movie,
  2. 2011 electronic super sports-car : the virtual object that Dreams are made of,
  3. relatively new actress Amber Heard trying-out various roles in Hollywood,


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