no rocket science choices here : for Snow White and the Huntsman is showing in mere three version of Normal, Digital and Digital Surround-Sound with plenty of center seats available on opening day ! perhaps because Koreans now choose to believe in shining iPhones and iPad than old fairy tales that was simply always .. there .

again, as preceding Men in Black 3, such lower calibre movie – only comparing with masterpieces of a decade – should enhance your viewing if experienced the more expensive Premium services offered by CGV in surround sound and comfy lounge seats at a handful of CGV Theatres in metropolitan regions on the Korean Peninsula .


and like the time when a giant meteor’s path threatened to struck Earth, two similar movies coming out at the same time in succession . this time around about the good ol’fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs .

earlier Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts just was not real and this with Thor Earthened as the HuntsMan does entail more prettier faces, but encompasses several movie deja-vu’s


[ Case-in-Point ]

well, did she take a bite of the apple (hence the Apple logo)
or in-turn got bitten by her dracula boyfriend (from the Twilight movie) ?

as weirdly Nature-friendly in “Where the Wild Things Are” :

or, as Korea Tech BLog is a testament to Feminine Power :
should we Hail the coming of Jeanne d’Arc ?

over-all a weak production where at several points the movie don’t seem to know which way to go . then finally the end climax castle seige slipping unrealistic battle scenes . thus not many reasons to watch this film .. aside from young-to-old make-up award on Charlize Theron .

as a result, Men in Black 3 was more enjoyable with comedic catch yet in universal-scale .. and on that note : perhaps The Avengers can come save this movie -_-



To Be, or NOT To Be – Korea Tech BLog, Early June 2012