so what is the difference between an iPhone and a Galaxy, not to mention LG ? earliest of all : the hype, where there is seemingly none on the latters . as early on Monday before its Official release date of March 16 Friday 2018 : spokes-people had to yell-out to try their latest Galaxy S9 and PLUS . here on a make-shift event-area tent at the entrance to Korea’s first-and-only electronics-dedicated shopping mall : TechoMart connected under-ground to SEOUL Subway Line 2 GangByeon Station Exit 2 . ofcourse as times changed-to On-Line purchases, no other endeavours mimicking this concept ever worked there-after . not even its latter brothren of the same name at the other side (West) of the Capital at ShinDorim Hub Station Exit 3 where two subways 1 and 2 intersect . ironically it is at its top floors where the most discount – many illegal, can be had now on carrier contract plans of two years or more //

yes virtually everyone even elementary school kids have cell phones or more-over smart-phones (to indulge in tiny games), having it subscribed for a couple of years is big business and competition fierce thus illegal ones exist in one form or another – mostly partial refunds . but if you would rather have an unlocked plan-free model even on latest phones (good price not so easy to come-by at least on the first couple of Months – that is besides iPhone) :

  1. you could buy a slightly cheaper one at reseller communities where some buy with their credit card and try to sell it a tad cheaper for cash because they need it .
  2. or at one of SamSung Electronics Official ShowRoom called Plaza, which usually is a huge building onto itself with repair service center intact. they have to sell at top-retail price but would have all capacity models of all colors, where they try to make-up for discount competition with regular events giving away series of accessories such as cases, external battery and BlueTooth speakers . note: they have FREE protection-film attachment service year-round when you purchase a cell phone here .


– Korea Tech BLog at the Weekend of S9 and PLUS release –