I was of the school who believed the most popular science fiction sequels, should never have been sold onto the theme park mogul, as it would cease to be a creative piece of art to continue-on for-ever in related form . thus die-hard anticipants who await for the next release would cease to be alike an iPhone-fan in line in front of an Apple Store .

even so, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum Oh, I mean downloading the latest crisp CAM version, nomatter it may say TS or HD on its release title . a sucker for the most original sci-fi series beginning with a title-roll amidst glorious orchestration, cannot help but awe when another episode is released even if is a mass-production version after its creator sold-it-out . and that would be why all plants and animals have sex over-and-over again .

on that note : although the title and back-ground sound-track remains the same, for starters the cast is not-at-all unique and not powerful at-all to be even a Jedi-youngling . and as much as we all enjoy through familiar uniforms and spaceships galore .. movie progresses more like an assault or SWAT team, while the story comes-and-goes naturally-but-quite-artificially, trying to match-into its ending which WOW : fits too-perfectly, or rather exactly into the beginning scene of Episode iV ! and that is the precise put-down as it really is too cheesey ~

but if you were to give an award to this movie, more-over for its dire effort, this almost has to do with another adventurous movie released last year : Everest, where the team climbs to reach the peak summit, but most perish on the way back down (to the ReaL WorLD) //
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