after viewing iRon Man 1 & 2 at CGV iMAX WangSimNi and YongSan, and The Avengers in 4DX Surround-Sound at the posh ChungDam Cine City, I had just come out of iRon Man 3 from Lotte Cinema Charlotte VIP seats at Lotte Avenuel . all-the-while ever-collecting rather expensive Hot Toys iRon Man action figures .. ironman-t


I have a die-hard Under Armour fan long~ before its introduction into South Korea over 2013 . their basic layer under garments come in three types : loose, fit and compression, where for the latter it is wise to purchase one-size-up if you do NOT want bodily obstruction on movement . and this time around Under Armour’s Alter Ego series comes in three flavours for Men and Boys : Batman,  SuperMan, iRon Man, SpiderMan and The Hulk gulp //

  • fore-most, the textile is as thin as usual,
  • while the imprint design looks rather cheap – especially the gold bar around arms, evident in enlarged official photos of the product – of comic illustration outline than realistic photo .
  • colors : the red looks faded due to its thin-ness, while blacks are comic ink, and the important white in the middle of the chest again seem faded, thus far from looking like a light beam -_-
    ( all design aspect looking comic up-front do seem quite real from afar, such as the gym )
  • the fit is FIT as it says on the new label . meaning, it is NOT tight as their “compressed” line, so will fit around your body nicely if you follow their size-chart . still I will advise you buy half-size-up for ample comfort .

as from user reviews on their Official site (cannot browse onto sold-out or discontinued models, so search on-Line)

  • fans buy one full size-up on “compression” models, so it will cuddle around you without oppressing . so some parts such as around biceps may be a bit loose .
  • right size on “fit” models,
  • and perhaps a size-down on “loose” as they make the hip-hop look //


( May 19 2015 Update ) OK this design is too obstrucked (especially golden ring around the arms), so perhaps another super-heroe series which Under Armour continues at a higher price than their normal Heat-Gear . and ofcourse any elastic will loose its tenure, so a good sign is when the small or subtle logos on the Left chest or behind the neck begin to break away in pieces ..

– Ahem, Korea Tech BLog –