competing Canon has now thrown the glove to counter Sony’s dominating one-inch CMOS series DSC-RX100 – now in its III third edition released recently June 2014 and selling for W721,000 at larger On-Line discount outlets, with more classically simple design and longer focal zoom length . on this celebrative occasion : Canon Korea will offer its dedicated battery NB-13L (selling for a considerable W58,000) and a single-leg pod for self-shots, after you register your new camera for Warranty .. as long as you purchase between November 14 Friday 2014 and January 9 2015 Friday, and register until January 16 Friday 😉
141126 Lotte [캐논] [정품]PowerShot G7 X+크리닝키트+무료사진인화권 Time-to-PowerShot(800) 02  141126 Lotte [캐논] [정품]PowerShot G7 X+크리닝키트+무료사진인화권 Time-to-PowerShot(800) 05780x405TrajP  141126 Lotte [캐논] [정품]PowerShot G7 X+크리닝키트+무료사진인화권 Time-to-PowerShot(800) 06

( November 5 Weekend Update ) snuggling right-up next to top from the popular Sony DSC-RX100 iii – in a time when most compact camera market is in doldrums due to crisper cameras on iPhones and smartphones, it must be nice have initial stock depleted as soon as fresh shipment comes into stock . purchase at most On-Line vendors – at least those with good price just over W600,000 mark (Sony DSC-RX100 iii at W700,000) – have to wait about a Week to get it delivered -_-