The All-American Dream to find your true Love, and live happily ever-after .. or starting a company in your parents’ garage to eventually soar to stock-pile onto a Global company does not necessarily apply to other regions on Earth . better to express as different priorities in Life take priority and are considered acceptable way-of-Life leading to its ultimate goal . even though in a constant iPhone or Android-connected virtual society : different cultures are at play here . for example – extreme but tragically true : it is not uncommon for teenagers to sell body organs to buy an iPhone in China 0o0


school is a scary institution in the Koreas . the Peninsula has a long history of its people divided into extreme class hierarchy, and continues to build-up after trying to survive a modern war that tore them into seemingly-democratic or communist nation . and it is only going to a renowned school : be it elementary, junior, high, college and graduate that will crown you the seat . so parents try their hardest plus more, to crash them into extra-curriculum lessons and activities – which you witness in real-time when you come to this strangest land to teach children as well as business people .

and while it may seem like nobody else’s business to give your third-grader kid the latest iPhone 6 Plus 128GB .. many factors come to judge it from school piers and teachers alike from those around you . ofcourse the foremost pretext to endow your children with a cell phone is to call in case of emergency : so an old flip or sliding phone would suffice, but there is such a thing as getting ahead of the pack, and not to seem too poor .


so a so-called picture-phone with full screen LCD’s – the precursor to SmartPhones, or an old SamSung Galaxy ii series would be perfect – costing you no more than W100,000 tops . but here it will be your parental duty to verify if Smart-Phone equals extensive gaming to your kid .

and if you want to go over to iPhone territory, apt for tiny hands : 4S would be the maximum for .. say a 5th grader, with 16GB costing just over W100,000 provided they come with dents, as you should be ready for your kids to use them without bumpers or casings and even drop on concrete, then perhaps loose the device along the way . and if you yourself don’t know about electronics : it is not too old as some would come with Official Warranty left until next Summer 2015 but costing you a good W50,000 more //