just like the shutter noise that sounds a disturbing click every time you try to take a picture on every domestic smart-phone and iPhone, your device vibrates and sounds an actual 911 emergency tone on a occasion set by the government . the former is NOT enforced but advised by the government, local cellular manufacturers play goodie-goodie by installing in every model they produce and sell within South Korean borders . some users even purchase the same model sold abroad to have a quite camera . for example iPhones in neighboring Japan still carry shutter noise, but Hong Kong doesn’t .

still the latter may be crucial alert in case of a real nation-wide emergencies advised by the Ministry of Public Safety and Security, like recent earth-quakes in neighboring Japan and tsunamis in South-East Asia . but it even includes weather alerts when temperatures are about to hit hot or cold extremes, as it was today for below-20 degrees Celsius tomorrow, which shouldn’t effect you directly unless you are homeless, dwelling on the streets . Thank-fully though, this can be turned-off but its lever hid deep with your phone’s set-up menu :

  • Apple iPhone – Set-Up App ≫Notice ≫Emergency Message
  • Google Android – Set-Up App ≫WireLess and NetWork ≫More ≫Emergency Message
  • SamSung Galaxy – open its Message App ≫Set-Up ≫Emergency Message


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