after an amazing trial of dual-LCD cameras (one in the back and another in FRONT ?)

this time in an acrobat of whole-flipping back 0o0


and yes anything from this maker from cell phones to laundry machines a companion girl does enhance the product AND wishful Hope for its survival in a much-organized jungle //


and after trying every-which way you can think of, in a manner more of a part-time masseur eager to earn her latest iPhone, oops the i-word here not-belonging, it’s like they are poking here and there .. as producing cell phones and tablets of ALL sizes, to see which one the consumer will respond to,

then by sheer Luck as it has to come their way after so much card-reading at the vast amount of tables, you are impressed they might have finally /got/ it – even if it does resemble another maker


only to be dismayed at the incogni-color combination of early interior designers in Manhattan -_- Ouch, that hurt