Sirui-Photo ZhongShan 2011 
Sirui-Photo is a specialized manufacturer of professional photographic equipment in ZhongShan, China since 2011 . they research and produce light-weight but strong tripods also luring in outer design looks . they characterize in dedicated BallHeads that attach on top of the tripod where your camera sits .

their portable model T-005 with C-10 BallHead was introduced into South Korea in 2011 and sell for W119,000 at larger On-Line discount outlets – meaning, actual price tag on retail stores will be slightly higher . however the most beautiful Blue is all sold-out in 2013 and only Red and Black colors available . so picked one up on my trip to Tokyo, and the reverable Yodobashi Akiba electronics building on its East-side for Y11,800 – still at discount but still expensive even when Japanese Yen is low in currency exchange . even in this mammoth department store where they had a wide array of tripods to choose from : this stood out in color .. “Hello Pal, so we finally meet”

Korean On-Line listing pages give extensive information on its size both folded and fully open, with instructions to use in various fold-out combinations .
130630 AKMall Sirui T-005 Tripod and C-10 BallHead Traveler1 130630 AKMall Sirui T-005 Tripod and C-10 BallHead Traveler2 130630 AKMall Sirui T-005 Tripod and C-10 BallHead Traveler3
he package comes in sturdy brown box, and in it again inside its black textile carrying pouch, whose thick rope is rather hard to unravel quickly . its supposed light weight not to mention here for there are enough light but cheap tripods currently, mostly given out as a package when buying a camera .

[ Pro’s ] are all the manufacturer claims on its light weight, durability and portability

  • it shouts you’re a /stylish/ photographer,
  • highly portable since the legs fold /upwards/ a full 180 degrees to fold aside its main axis atop .
[ Con’s ] are that is NOT promoted by Sirui when trying to use for immobile professional shoots .

  • the screw on the BallHead adjoining up to the camera bottom, assumes you will always have a screw driver or at least a thin coin ready -_-
  • all folding joints are quite hard (opposite of loose) obviously for sturdiness, but it takes time to un-ravel your tripod ready for shoot,
  • all folds and joints are screw-type instead of latches, so again it takes time to fold and unfold .


[ CONCLUSION ] beautiful tripod to carry around in bags NOT originally intended for photographic equipment, but need ample time for set-up .

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