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Platinum-Gold Suit

The Patriot Suit

xlarge hot-toys-iron-man-3-tony-stark-limited-edition-collectible-figure-1-545x363
iRON MAN 3 Tony Stark LIMITED EDITION action figure set
by Hong Kong manufacturer Hot Toys


  • April 19th Thursday in New Zealand
  • April 24th Wednesday Down-Under & France
  • April 25th Thursday in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea
  • April 26th Friday in india, Japan, Taiwan and UK
  • May 1st Wednesday in Germany & Thailand
  • May 2nd Thursday throughout Russia
  • May 3rd Friday throughout North America & Philippines



 [ April 24th Eve to Korean Release ] this is the age of CGV for they offer the latest state-of-the-art technology in newer theatres . meaning, seats are ample in Lotte Cinema or MegaBox especially among normal Digital versions, but you have the proximity being dead-center in downtown SEOUL or newer shopping areas South of the Han River in KangNam 😉

CGV : virtually most earlier dates sold-out among a wide-array of high-tech viewing choices and some have SweetBox couples’ seats in the rear .

  • iron Man 3 Digital
  • iron Man 3 3D
  • iron Man 3 iMAX 3D
  • iron Man 3 4DX 3D
  • iron Man 3 4DX 3D SoundX only in ChungDam Cine City (CGV)
  • iron Man 3 3D SoundX only in CGV YoiDo (island)
  • iron Man 3 3D Atmos only in YeongDeungPo
  • iron Man 3 Atmos only in YeongDeungPo


Lotte Cinema from Korea’s food and shopping conglomerate offers second tier of Viewing Options around more casual shopping areas, but plagued by in-operable internet reservation system, not to mention on smart-phone either -_-

  • iron Man 3 Digital
  • iron Man 3 Digital 3D
  • iron Man 3 Real3D
  • iron Man 3 4D3D only at GaSan, GimPo Airport, ChungRyangRi and Nowon in SEOUL vicinity, Suwan and Ulsan


Viewing Options from MegaBox at more convenient locations for they are rather small, and older theatres refurbished

  • iron Man 3 Digital
  • iron Man 3 3D
  • iron Man 3 3D Atmos only at BaekSeok in ilsan, MokDong and COEX (triangle forming the outer rim of SEOUL)



( April 25th Thursday Release Day ) cannot find a seat ? yes it seems the whole Korean populace is out to watch iron Man 3 on Release Day in the midst of a REAL nuke attack from the North 0o0 but again, the ritual threat has been on constantly following the show-down of the Korean War, notably administrated by earlier military dictatorships . still interesting for Koreans are not followers of heroe-worship as in DC Comics nor Mazinga or Gundam borne from Japanese Otaku culture .

but there is hope even on the last hours, for the crowd is gathering onto the most tech-savvy theatres like iMAX and 3D . first, 3D may be better out for those wearing subscription glasses, to opt for killer-crisp detail instead . and Lotte Cinema barely offering CGV-wanna-be specifications are rather negected by movie fans, while there are concentrated in major shopping areas where Lotte Department Stores are known for . further-more traffic-wise MegaBox whose once-popular glitz has long-gone, may be more convenient as they operate older movie theatres in prime locations .


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