Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 ii RX100M2 Camera Case LCJ-RXC OPEN Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 ii RX100M2 Camera Case LCJ-RXC BLACK LEATHER Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 ii RX100M2 Camera Case LCJ-RXC BEIGE LEATHER
Sony LCJ-RXC Dedicated Case for Cybershot DSC-RX100 ii RX100M2 Digital Camera
introduced in July 2013 and selling at W67,000 at larger On-Line discount stores
comes in a choice of either BLACK or BEIGE colors while the former is more common



I have had clam-shell-type classic SLR camera cases, more-over in brown as earlier Contax’s was . and as the World modernized leather cases in leather came in beige as travels became less rugged . this model comes in your choice between Beige or Black . but having enjoyed a series of beiges on deluxe compact Panasonic LX series : it soon became tinted with dark smudges even after the most lightest of use . NOT cool at all, while it would have been with each use if the color out-of-the-factory was darker . so opted this time on the all-too-common Black and am glad I did : for it does look sophisticatedly rugged .

the material is re-enforced leather thus quite hard, and folds around every corner of the classic-built apparatus . thick double stitches in the same black along all linings : add quite a sturdy feeling to this .

its double-flap label sewn to the lower-corner inside of the bottom half, always get in the way when attaching the camera with its tripod screw . and the classic button-up enclosure takes time to detach, which you do quite often on a compact digital camera, as the upper-half gets in the way when trying takes snap-shots from different angles, and ofcourse to take-out memory card and exchange batteries .