Korea Tech BLog here-by Officially announce today : that the joyous era of the compact digital camera has ended .

  1. from immediate experience : this Fall has been unbelieveable – taking almost a Month to re-sell used-but-like-new digital cameras, even mirror-less . more-so when I always purchase a popular model at the time AND re-sell mostly within a year -_-
  2. glancing through the blocks of vendor booths in either of concentrated electronics store floors in YongSan Electronics Market AND iPark Mall next to it, and further TechnoMart : you can see the old Korean expression of “flying flies” i.e., NO business
  3. and in sheer deduction, there simply is no need to, in a time when the reverable iPhone and its competing smart-phones have well caught-up with resolution only  short of some neat gimmicks . ofcourse the ailing Japanese economy implies to shift focus to higher-end models, there seem to be more to be done in another way ..

yes, an extensive traveler with multi-national business and projects, always mixing business with pleasure : I have always clutched a compact camera in one hand where-ever I go . with solemn ode to all those lovely cute devices I toted around, in retrospect : Pentax Option S4 was my favourite .
PriceOnomics Pentax Optio S4-620-300 

  • as it was a true compact, so small you can grasp it in your hand and no one would know you held a camera,
  • and light there was no worry of dropping it 😉
  • design-wise : although the front was like a girls compact, the rear looked so cheap with buttons seeming miss-placed in awkward directions ..


– Korea Tech BLog, now always armed with iPhone 5 –