introduced here are all mini keyboards, WITHOUT numeric keypad on the right, apt for space-conscious desktops, laptop/notebooks and iPads . I have NOT tried any so far, for I have my own batch of favourite from very personal requirements, but all have quite good local reviews, and picked for their distinct niche sector :
– WireLess Microsoft Wedge Mobile Folding BlueTooth KeyBoard,
– WireLess i-rocks IRK05BN BlueTooth KeyBoard,
– Wired Zalman Tech ZM-K500 Mechanical KeyBoard,  


Microsoft Wedge Mobile Folding BlueTooth KeyBoard introduced August 2012 W74,500
pantagraph mini – smart connect – cover turns to stand – dongle separate – two AAA batteries – exterior dimension 26 x 10cm weight 228 grams

so we all have our trials from (NOT in price though) cheap-looking flimsy folding keyboards, but this one’s from known AND dependable brother Microsoft . noteably chick is its folding cover, which turns out a cool rubberized iPad holder .


i-rocks iRK05BN WireLess BlueTooth KeyBoard introduced June 2012 W32,500
BlueTooth 3.0 – pantagraph mini 83 keys – smartphone connect – includes containable dongle – on/off switch – built-in rechargeable battery – exterior dimension 26 x 13cm weight 260 grams

in the early days of personal computing from latter 1980’s, reverable SamSung Electronics, TG Sambo and SeJin Electronics all Korean, made and sold the most general of keyboards, aside stylish from Microsoft and Logitech . and along with the laptop then notebook age over the Millennium bore newer manufacturers like Taiwanese i-rocks with thin silvery minimalistic keyboards .

many earlier wireless and BlueTooth models were shunned by users due to its still instability, this one is getting good reviews .


Zalman Tech ZM-K500 wired mechanical KeyBoard introduced September 2012 W55,500
USB linear 92 basic keys + 5 function keys – NO separate numeric keypad – exterior dimension 35 x 17cm recommended for games

and as the World gets smaller and sleek with Apple-mania, local Zalman – synonym to tough AND expensive cooling fans AND computer cases – bring on industrial nostalgia by way mechanical-functioning keyboard, as opposed to over-all electronical . put one on your desk and you’re ready to invade iRaq //



an eye for an iPhone 5,
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