well since this is a beaucoup /Stylish/ blog and casing design as importante as the hardware contained within as mucho to the end consumer as well .. as a preLude to my Special Edition of ‘2009 Korean Electronics Review’ – a ReCap, I dare you to see some of the most Significant and OutRageous, then Out-of-this-WorLD designs to land on the shores of the Korean Penninsula circa 2009, on Planet Earth :



but again now the cat is out of this bag, I’ll leave it up to YOU to decide which is which in The BEST Design, Worst Design and of The Unique .. again in the end : ALL Winners in their own electronical might 😉 presented in the order of production, from last year, to just out last month with aproximate price at larger discount outlets ~

but hold it there : these awards are for exterior product DESIGN only and I do NOT necessarily recommend any of them for actual use -_-


Unicorn WB-3000N 4-port 300M WireLess Router W44,000 – out last year

two classic Sci-Fi (science fiction) movies recommended to view in fully understanding the design impact :

Unicorn is a local Korean brand established early 1990’s at the on-set of techno-Korea when the nation was twitching to become an IT PowerHouse . they have been producing minor computer peripherals and accessories until concentrating in exterior storage AND network routers over the Millennium . now their line includes a few array of wired AND wireless routers, external HDD drives and DivX multimedia players including those with wireless access where you can watch a movie in your living room FROM a file stored in your computer in your own bedroom .

in the ultra-high-speed World of Korean networks : wireless is a complicated phenomenon and router products have to keep on adjusting to signals perhaps tuned-out to exclude certain actions from Internet access providers AND monitor hacking behaviour . Unicorn routers fall short in this aspect and I do NOT recommend it at all . however their wireless-capable DivX players contain some mighty fun aspects but still has a long way to go in being a perfect multimedia companion for the living room – notably they lack a few video codecs getting popular among movie affionados AND menu control need to be more user-friendly .


Altec Lansing FX3022 25W 2.2 channel Speakers W165,000 – introduced this January

think Three Mile island AND Chernobyl, to constantly remind us the horrifying consequences of technology – this is a good thing . you buy Altec Lansing speakers for their high-end quality, futuristic design AND brand name status . but in the lower end of small speakers for the PC (personal computers) beginners would hardly notice the difference between a dirty cheap Chinese or even a Korean twin speakers costing (no numerical errors here) one-tenth (1/10) the price tag 0o0 but if W100,000 or so difference mean not much to you and you would like ONE heck of a design on either side of your brand-new glossy monitor : this one’s hard to beat 😉

comes in Silver OR Black exterior color .


SamSung VLUU ST550 dual monitor Digital Camera W340,000 – started selling last month

I earnestly believe Korea outflanked Japan technologically when SamSung Electronics began outselling large-screen TV’s over dominating Sony recently . however in the digital camera market : although SamSung Electronics’ models have begun to occupy Top Ten sales list over this year, this has more to do with trustful product support SamSung Electronics has provided in all of their category as a whole and do NOT imply the cameras are of top quality themselves . and this design-wise : what will they think of next ?!


enjoy the view (the casing Design) for now, as if on a colorful sunset ..
and I might add details, or rather the implications, later ~ and oh what a sight 😉