DSC_3628c940x800CaliR  DSC_3630c940x850CaliR
below Logitech K810 Compact BlueTooth KeyBoard W106,000
with illuminated keypads size 29 x 12.8 x 1.2cm introduced November 2012
reviewed on this BLog February 26 2013

and above iRiver BEK-10B BlueTooth 3.0 Mini KeyBoard W27,000
with a tiny TouchPad size 26.4 x 11.3 xx 1.2cm introduced 2014


as I use these fun devices temporarily in spasms, as needs arise : I can briefly say the former is slightly smaller and turns your room into a Star Trek command center, while the latter has the advantage of a built-in touch-pad : is yet instable randomly (connection). Yes the touch-pad is small : a good half size short vertically but still is quite convenient as you can cross the whole monitor or TV with two tries with your Right thumb, while holding the key-board with both of your hands .

aside from Logitech having a glitsy illuminated key-board and iRiver a tiny touch-pad : a similar ability with different approach is while they both have multiple channels to connect to different devices, the Logitech can connect to two devices and can switch from one to another by simply changing the channel lever, while on iRiver you have three options BUT have to turn the keyboard OFF then ON again for the change to take effect //


over-all I recommend you get Logitech for the computer or laptop, while iRiver for TV as it is smaller with touch-pad 😉


  • 13.2.6 Logitech K810 Wireless BlueTooth vs iRiver BEK-10B TouchPad Mini KeyBoard ≫LinK



( August 2015 Update ) took a good Month to compare these two fun, sleek mobile keyboards for these are for subsidiary use . I have since donated the wonderfully-cool back-lit Logitech to church and was figuring on the even smaller iRiver . and the areas each respective companies are well known for speaks the ultimate truth . iRiver began by tiny mp3 players and its ear-phones or head-phones, to venture-out to portable electronic dictionaries . and now to this keyboard but the frustrating time trying to make this work : make this not worth consideration . have tried on two computers and they seem to make contact only after re-setting fully, thus synchronizing from the start over, and over again .

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