aside from dominating a whole consumer computer sector for a good half-Decade, South Korea’s monopolizing network router company has been tinkling around with smaller varieties like mini and Extender2, reviewed on this BLog . then just before Christmas as iPad Air and Mini Retina release dates were announced : they came up with a multi-purpose Swiss Army knife of their own . a mighty-portable device that changes into a wireless router / wireless AP access point / wireless extender / wireless LAN card .. all with a flick of a switch ! I would have called it chameleon if it even changed colors from their continuous line in dusty-whites 😉 and Jesus, look at that array of slots AND switches on the last photo below 0o0 I am sure even the advanced aliens wouldn’t have figured-out which-is-what before the classic Sci-Fi movie 2001 : A Space Odyssey came out
EFM ipTime Multi introduced December 2013 W33,000 at larger On-Line discount shops
[ SPECIFICATION ] Realtek RTL8196D chip – 802.11b/g/n –  2.4/5GHz frequency 

[ Yea’s ]

  • dual-band frequency of 2.4 and 5GHz 802.11n
  • detachable SMA antenna, so that you can interchange with ipTime’s bulky N007 Bond, James Bond extension antenna

[ Nay’s ]

  • only a single LAN port, but come-on that’s all you need when traveling unless ..
  • Yes is small enough to tote in a grasp, but now you wish the power adapter could shrink too

[ Power Capatibility ]

  • can be powered by existing Micro USB (IN) connector for smart-phones,
  • its USB port (OUT) can supply power to smart-phones,



[ Advice ]
verdict is not out yet on this new product but if you are conjuring whether to hop-and-buy another type of ipTime routers .. I lend you a rule-of-thumb for any router with none or one antenna AND smaller than the palm of your hand : think hotel room .
i.e., ofcourse the unique fact that this router has the optional ability to be used as an Extender OR even a LAN card is indeed special and with broader range of use, but focus if you were looking for an ultra-portable wireless router when traveling . expecting any more for stationary locations in the office or home, won’t do justice no-matter if you think W30,000 is cheap for any trial ..


“.. if I could carry-around all the mammoth branches of neighboring Japan’s Yodobashi Camera electronics buildings, in my cat’s collar as in the SF movie Men in Black”



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– a portable wireless proverb by Korea Tech BLog –