’tis was around the turn of the Millennium, CRT cathode ray tubes gave way to LCD screens as computer monitors throughout South Korea . and on the one most joyous environment of apartment dwelling : this further evolved into rear-projection and LED TV’s . and now in an incredible turn of technological development the screen curved – all in its again unbelieveable thin-ness intact .

well the only culprit was the price : well over double their straight brothren . while in a depressed consumer market where no one is buying anything – um except mercedes and BMW’s along with camping trailers – worsened with a nation-wide scandal that ignited with the sinking of a passenger ferry taking live of over 200 high school students which dominoed every related government department and still its effect spreading : SamSung introduced their affordable curved-screen TV today . offering 10% advanced reservation discount until the 27th on 48″ (W2,000,000) and 55″ (W3,000,000) models .
20140723삼성전자 보급형 커브드 풀HD TV(H6800) 28일 국내 시장에 출시하며 커브드 TV시대의 대중화 시대의 포문을 연다cur