first-off : there is no substitute for good ol’water-on-pan rice cooked by your grand-mother .
it’s just that in the hype of modern days’ life, you wanna cook faster and want it to stay warm longer .
but still it would not work for Middle-Eastern ways of buttering and oiling .

and second : the older pure-mechanical models last longer (ideally over 10 years) for they have only basic operations in cooking just over 30 minutes.
while post-Millennium models will last 2 ~ 6 years depending on how you use and maintain it – meaning : sustaining all the electronical capability it was supposed to at on-set, verbally announcing cooked in less than 15 minutes.


*this Post contains some trial-and-error so You might proceed directly towards the bottom, where more correct solutions are noted .

[ Rice Cooker Maintenance ] updated November 2014

  1. the foremost care should be given to wiping any water formed when opening the top,
  2. then periodically water residues on the inner top and boundaries,
  3. after a year-or-so when you feel the rice especially on the rice clump corners hardening faster, which you will notice immediately – this is your first sign your rice machine is detioriating –
  4. first solution is to take the rubber ring from the inner top-cover of the cooker, and clean it well
  5. this may do for a while but soon you will want to order extra of that rubber ring, that covers the inner top of the cooker
    – usually around W10,000 : those for popular models can be bought at larger independent On-Line Shopping Malls like interPark, 11st, GMarket and Auction (in the order of sellers that make receipts available conveniently and for years) – and because they are sellers : they advise you replace to a new on every year .. which I kinda agree, but can push it to two if you can clean well in-between as explained on previous paragraph . for others you will have to call-in their customer support centers, where there is no automatic payment method thus will have to call-in, then transfer payment On-Line, with the extra parts shipped-out the next day for delivery the after .
  6. if that doesn’t do it you may bring it in for electronic check-up,


[ UseFul Tip on Maintaining Fresh-Cooked Rice ]

this is the golden rule among local house-wives to keep your electric-cooked rice stay moisty longer :

  1. within 3 minutes after your rice is cooked
    (this won’t be effective if done after 5 minutes of cooking)
  2. scramble and mix the whole cooked-rice over
    especially turning inside-to-out and bottom-to-top
  3. then gather the whole onto a bunch
    away from corners and forming a small hill in the center



– Korea Tech BLog, January 2012 –


( April 2013 Wrap-Up ) on How Many Years it will Last

you have reached here searching for clues to eternal Life, Oh I mean which version of the two stories told in the Academy Award-winning movie ‘Story of Pi’ is most likely true (implying it depends whether you accept the existence of God – but to give you MY version of definite hint : this is one cruel, horrifying movie) Why here ? for rice is Life in the Orient, preciously reflected in classic Vietnam War  movies .

but search all you like, and you still won’t come up with a definite number like three, five and fourteen . Oops I have given you MY answer : as in 1.seems have to, 2.should and 3.definitely . so here I will give you a general expectancy of Korean populace (whose meal consist of rice from BreakFast to Lunch and Dinner – differing from neighboring Japan where noodles may come in place for Lunch and/or Dinner) and mine who juggle rice with pasta and bread, while casually eating-out .

in Korean consensus :

  • the new-age young change rice cookers in two or three years while,
  • the general populace 7~8 years
  • and the old-timers even 14 years

[ after trial : next two paragraph is the wrong way, so head-on below ]
– exchanging the rubber cap rim every year or two (in my experience it does make a slight difference but NOT re-juvinate your machine all-over). unfortunately : the less electronic twinkling the cooker’s specification has, the longer usage . and in my case of burning around every four days, the rice corners start to harden from its third day in almost 2~3 years, then eventually have to dispose in five, ONLY because the corners will harden in 2~3 days -_- but again, here the argument is futile : for manufacturers for example Cuckoo recommend on their brief manual, to consume cooked rice within 12 hours (?!) so it is un-heard of where you will change a rice cooker because it stopped working – much like as you will discard a computer CPU because it has become out-of-date than malfunction .

from my own experience as a rice-person : I feel the need to swipe model on the third year, only because I am lazy to leave the rice for days after cooking, as sudden eat-out comes-up often, while exchanging the top rubber rim doesn’t do much good .. but it is *definitely time to change if your cooked rice start to harden /before/ you finish your bowl .


[ the right-way ] latest high-tech cookers are more sensitive to the slightest leaks, to the point of being dangerous to explosion so : although most manufacturers recommend changing the rubber rim every 1~3 years – it is too late when you realize rice lump corners hardening after a couple of days, where the metal top would have been dis-figured that you will now have to change the whole metal cover for a whopping W120,000 (you have to pay as it will probably be over local manufacturers’ warranty period of a Year). you’d better exchange it after about 8-Months of use . this don’t matter if you follow most manufacturers’ advice to finish the rice within 12 Hours from initial cooking (although advanced models even have “re-cook” features), but does when you keep it heated for 4 days or more . *also know your electric rice cooker will use more electricity energy than your refrigerator 0o0



one helpful pointer : vendors in a small independent store has to make the sale, while those in a larger chain or super-mart is really there to help you make a wise decision, because they want to make you happy, so will come back for more purchase . it is amazing even I, who could differentiate specifications Seasonally, ask a guide and NOT a sales representative, standing in the middle of a wide arrange of similar models .

on that note, I will recommend all visitors and temporary residents to put aside burgers and pizzas, for the wonderful variety of fresh rice shipping from all corners of South Korea . add to this : different choice of grains sold to mix-in with rice when cooking, makes you a healthier person when returning home 😉



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