homes in South Korea has the fastest Internet connection in the World, but NO in-sink-erator to rid of your left-over food . recycling has become a daily factor in a nation with limited space to live in and more population amassing into few concentrated areas . on each designated day of the week garbage is collected in categories of General Garbage, Recycle Cans/Bottles/Plastics and LeftOver Food . the latter is put in plastic bags or containers (depending upon the area) and left outdoors over-night for pick-up, before which alley-cats can do messy things .


Loofen, one of the venture companies that formed during the Korean boom, formed in October 2003 making square boxes, rather-large, containing electronic dry-out system for leftover food, has been such a success now they come in all sorts of colors . I am omitting their current dozen-so model numbers for they differ on specifications as well as retail point . they slowly heat the contents and suck out smell to purify with filters attached in the rear . priced between W70,000 ~ W140,000 the higher models heat air initially then cool-off, automatically measuring humidity within .

although still selling well, some of our friends have stopped using it siting electricity bills, much like how not many use automatic dish-washers built-in on newer high-rises . here’s a photo-blog of a buyer opening the box :