a bulk of this Post on Korea Tech BLog, mainly hints on acquiring iPhone Xs and Max abroad, since again : it is on the latter-third tier of countries to be released – although getting faster than before – now a mere Month from North-American Official Release Date . but more importantly as models of each iPhones differ among countries .


although Apple has not yet released exact models numbers for Korea(update as it is now mentioned clearly under Specs in Apple Korea website), as neither release dates are set yet, it would be most-likely :

  • iPhone Xs model for Korea : A2097
  • iPhone Xs Max model for Korea : A2101

the abrupt change comes as all models have become one for North America including United States and Canada, with the influx of Dual-SiM .



another change which have come as expected : is that iPhones purchased abroad will not have FREE Warranty in Korea . the deciding-point for this is that local warranty is based on whether the carrier is local, thus those purchased abroad intended for foreign carriers (which works-fine as long as above model numbers are alike) will not be repaired for FREE here .

*one major point for Koreans to buy foreign models is that cameras in local smart-phones are required by law to make a snapping sound, aside from (as always) belated Korean release dates .



according to Korean telecommunication insiders : Apple would begin taking reservation for iPhone Xs and Max a Month from now, beginning 19 October Friday and would be Officially released the next week on 26 October .


( October 17 Wednesday update ) after whosh-whosh rumours from those working in local telecommunications branches: that early reservation would start October 26 Friday and actual release the Week after, Official Apple Korea website iPhone Xs release date of November 2nd Friday on their top front Page .

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