Pre-order begins October 27 Friday 0:01am PDT Pacific DayLight Time, thus Korea time 4:01pm

Christmas came early to again the first tier of countries iPhone X was to be delivered (shipped-out couple of days earlier) on November 3 Friday . and as anything Official is yet to be known until release-day : very model to be released in South Korea has been unveiled from device information from those early countries – vital as Apple Korea (yet without an Official brick-and-mortar retail store here) deems to warrant only those exact models if purchased abroad .

it is identical model A1901 shipped-to :
US, Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Mexico .


then for those who have less interest in warranty, any GSM Network device using 800 850 900 1800 1900 2100 frequencies would work in South Korea as of November 2017.

( November 7 Tuesday nearing midnight ) just as Star Wars Saga continues ever and now for-ever, with the influx of Disney iPhones are coming earlier onto the Korean Peninsula then ever before . while it usually took two Months plus, it is Official that Apple Korea will begin early reservations NEXT Weekend November 17 Friday and will release iPhone X the next Friday on 24th. this may have to do with Apple’s timely opening of its first Official Apple Store in South Korea, at the cozy-but-cluttered Garosugil – loosely translates as a (promenade) street with trees along the sides . with this welcome news : T-Mobile (the most sought-after of the rest of first-tier countries versions) iPhone X 256GB from private resellers who either sent or brought this into Korea, which began selling at a whopping W2,250,000 last Weekend dropped-down to W1,850,000 . ofcourse as usual : selling price of iPhone X in Korea yet to be known .

also a big reason to purchase locally instead of abroad is that Koran carriers offer insurance, and they have just confirmed that they can apply insurance to the same model to be released in South Korea, albeit A1901, if you have its payment receipt AND the device is in South Korea .


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