[ Official Korean Release Date ]

a daunting dilemma haunts iPhone lovers in the Korean Peninsula : Official release dates are never announced in advance and usually slit-out through cellular carrier branches a Month before . and in case of this iPhone 8 and PLUS, the propect as of today is :

  • reservation at telecommunication branches from October 27 Friday
  • and Official release from November 3 Friday



the main reason to purchase abroad is that you will be able to have it before it is released in South Korea – which has been usually a good two Months later than Apple’s first tier of countries . after that, that Korean law requires cell phone shutters to make clicking noise even when it is in sleep mode – a point getting sensitive legally as miniscule hide-away cameras are available . then there is always the currency issue, where depending upon the time : it would be quite a bargain to get it at certain country/s – where Japan is currently .



iPhone 8 model 1905 and PLUS model 1897 should be eligible for Apple Korea warranty /after/ it has Officially been released here .


  • Yeah : Canada, U.S.T-Mobile, Europe
  • Neh : Japan, Hong Kong

mean-while they are available in neighboring Japan (the only country where you won’t be able to get Korean warranty even if the model is the same, as they have Japan-specific Fellica transportation and credit card option built-in), Singapore and U.S.T-Mobile .

*you will be able to get warranty anywhere if you buy extra Apple Care PLUS .


lastly, if your new device don’t support VOLT – HD Voice, your Nano-USiM may be an old version, so simply ask your cellular carrier to replace it with a new model beginning with NFCN..

– Korea Tech BLog during 10-day-long ThanksGiving Holiday Week –