“I would like to take my cell phone with me when I die.”

funeral house BoRam SangJo conducted a research into 375 adults in the Seoul Metropolitan area (including satellite cities around Seoul) : what they would like to take with them (into burial) when they die ?

  1. cell phone 36.8%
  2. TV 21.9%
  3. clothes, accessories and luggage 20%

announced yesterday the Korean obsession with cell phones continues into afterlife in that the underlying reason was that they want to communicate with their families . and selecting TV to continue to hear of worldly affairs as well as to keep up with family-oriented TV series called Dramas in Korea and Japan .


ofcourse in ancient times it was sacred jewelry but in reality what most Koreans take to their death today are clothes . it is a cultural tradition that sons and daughters prepare a holy wardrobe when parents enter into old age, to be worn before burial . although recently taken a monetary path in affluent Korea : you can browse through the selections in any Internet Shopping Mall, where the most popular is a whopping W800,000 and the more expensive over W3,000,000 . and to think this is a tops-and-bottom pair for one person ! the higher ones are made of gold ornaments .


alternately asked what they would like to do the most before dying was :

  1. over a third questioned wanted to travel around the World,
  2. passionate sex 7.5%
  3. a recollective walk from childhood hometown to this day 5.4%
  4. spend tons of money 4.4%