what a difference from last year when Asus dominated the higher ranks of the whole notebook category with their NetBooks . now you see every-maker-out-there with 10″ LCD on Atom N270 CPU’s . the other myriad of 13″, 14″ and 15″ popularity centers on their price .

so now we have S101H accepting pre-orders for shipment starting February 23rd . for those ordering early will get a memory upgrade to 2GB . on-line discount price about W810,000 this hasn’t joined the ranks yet but I mention in respect to its struggle amid a snafu of all the makers now .

this is a minor upgrade to S101 released a month ago last December . most notable, or rather the only difference is the inclusion of a 18″ Hard Disk instead of SSD and chocolate-type keyboard like the MacBook – so far added to Korean models only .

  • EeePC S101 – Atom N270/ 1G RAM/ 16G SSD/ 10.2″ LCD 1024×600/ on-board VGA/ camera/ WiFi b,g,n/ BlueTooth/XP Home/ brown 18~25mm 1.06kg
  • EeePC S101H – (difference only) 160G HDD/ black, pink, brown/ 1.1kg

a side-by-side comparison has been introduced between 3 similar Asus models available now :