with an untimely traditional name translated as “Korean Star/Planet”, HanSung Computer started getting attention with unconventionally cheap computers and laptops or notebooks from 2007 . it is now a very popular brand and aptly the only reason why everyone is NOT flocking to its lucrative price is the understandably solemn design (express in a positive way for basic or even cheap) as well as loose product support .

they are currently providing CPU or HDD hard disk drive upgrades on certain models, but it seems selectively offered from limited sellers and sometimes even BOTH upgrades ! one caveat is that you have to search each vendors On-Line for there are no central information system nor promotional sites that list what sells where ..

here are examples of two popular new releases, with lowest prices from larger discount outlets On-Line :


SPARQ M53S-G656 introduced October 2012 W666,000
intel Core i7-3210QM Quad 2.5GHz – Turbo Boost 3.1GHz – ivy Bridge 3rd Generation – 15.6 inch screen with 1600 x 900 pixel resolution LED back-light – 4G DDR3 RAM – 500GB HDD no optical drive – HD4000 Graphics contained in CPU + GForce GT645M (1G Memory) Graphics – Wireless n LAN – BlueTooth 4.0 – 2 x USB 3.0 slots, USB 2.0 HDMi SATA – 6 Cell Battery – NO OS – black color 1.4~3.7cm thick mass 2407cc weight 2.4kg

SPARQ M53S-G676 introduced November 2012 W797,660
intel Core i7-3610QM Quad 2.3GHz – Turbo Boost 3.3GHz – ivy Bridge 3rd Generation // and the rest same as G656 above

SPARQ U53X ForceRecon 1650 introduced October 2012 W692,000
intel Core i5-3210M Quad 2.5GHz – Turbo Boost 3.1GHz – ivy Bridge 3rd Generation //and the rest same as G656 above except weight 1.98kg



although this is a soft-core tech BLog thus information-kind to the laymen, beginner or general consumer, we do not zoom-in on specific computer nor laptop or notebook models with full specification nor extensive reviews, mainly because there are so many choices and new ones introduced every Season .

more-over in tech Millennium : you should be able to understand the basic abbreviations above . and once chosen, yonder to its manufacturer site for full specs and other hard-core tech sites and blogs for microscopic comparisons .

almost caught in the bait,
– Korea Tech BLog, November 2012 –