Nexus 7 is only available in 16GB for W299,000 sold by reservation from September 27th 2012 in South Korea, by two super-calibre marts

  1. in Lotte Mart, Korea’s own super-mart
  2. and HiMart, Korea’s largest electronics discount outlet

– both with extensive branches or chains across the Peninsula . seems it will be in reservation for a while since local stores do NOT have enough quantity, NOT meaning this is a best-seller .


so now with Apple iPad Mini out, you would try to compare between the four including Amazon Kindle Fire and SamSung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE with similar screen sizes . yonder to the many sites for extensive specification and software-usage comparison reviews . and here drawing the most simplest clear line as this is a soft-core tech blog :

  • for iPad Mini as the most expensive, largest-option storage space, still the lightest in weight .
  • Google Nexus 7 with the crispest-sharp screen resolution has a different mind-set for it is most-dedicated to all the yummy services Google offers . besides, Android is the platform to choose if you want extensive gaming, more so available FREE or at discount from independent markets . nonetheless its low price tag is de factor .
  • traveling expatriates akin to the enormous selection of books with smoothest viewing menu would buy the Kindle, although similar service is available on both Apple and Android devices .
  • and Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE again is for the most general consumer with sharpest camera and cellular phone capability, also the heaviest here .


but for use within the Korean Peninsula : several limitation exist in availability, language, price, resale value and international product support .

price may be the deciding factor as it stretches along the four, but keep in mind : Apple has the most brand power while a used SamSung Galaxy or one on periodic SALE would fall to the same ball-park price as a new Nexus 7 . exact price comparison is futile for the promotion games SamSung distributors/telecommunication carriers play in the once Land of the Morning Calm ..

product-support should be a large concern on a thin device with LCD panel screens . and here none is more favourable than SamSung, as local contractors for Apple, Google or Asus all won’t know their stance and Koreans awed at the clerks as well as technician trying to speak the same language which none would know if it’s Korean or English – here I do NOT mean literal language but the customer and product support mentality the Global makers pursue, against local practices especially in rural areas, where SamSung dominates .


think of it as buying a car . price and care-plan for starters, then brand name and style matters aside from pure hardware specification and handling ease .

still .. 16GB is short for any serious booking nor even the slightest-realistic games, and in the end, it is about the brand name you are most comfortable with . with one word of caution : if you are going to use it for any serious business, stick to Apple, for an Android would freeze just when you are seconds away from that vital contract download or wire transfer, because it is a looser system where much more software applicants can participate in the making, thus compatibility problems bound to rise sooner or later -_-


( Jail-Breaking and Hacks ) your iPhone and iPad will thrive in a much broad Universe once jail-breaked, and hacked or compromised applications readily available – although a version late – on Adroid independent markets is crazily fun and incredible for the experimental explorer onto virtual worlds . but the final conclusion to (isaac Asimov’s) Foundation is pure-bred variety, as you will eventually realize if you need to do serious business or secure banking with these Wonder devices .



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