introduced barely a Month ago and selling only at selective stores, only to be sold-out soon, HanSung SPARQ U43F ForceRecon 1457 Ultro sports THREE models with difference mainly in storage type AND space BUT only W100,000 price between //

  • model 1457 Ultra SH has mSATA 120GB + 500GB is the most expensive at W850,000
  • model 1457 Ultra has : mSATA 120GB ONLY next at W800,000
  • and model 1457H : 500GB ONLY at W760,000
    – prices are of lowest at larger On-Line discount outlets, so actual price available will a few W10,000 higher –

common specifications :
intel Core -5 third generation 3317U 1.7GHz – LED back-light 14 inch 1366 x 768 pixel screen – 8GB RAM – NOT including OS (NO Windows but drivers downloadable at their website) NVidia GForce GT640M graphic card with 1GB memory – weight 1.7kg ! 4 cell inter-changeable battery -1Gbps LAN 802.11n wireless BlueTooth 4.0 HDMi D-Sub webcam USB 2.0 USB 3.0 multi-card reader – block keyboard

*currently they are having a promotion, which they often do, upgrading 500GB models to 640GB automatically for an unspecified period ~




HanSung in the most traditional Korean sense translates into royal Korean castle, although their website would like to interpret as a single planetary star – possible for older Korean terms are based on Chinese characters, each with deep meaning . HanSung Computer is a rather NEW local company formed in 2008, to surprise every computer enthusiast with powerful laptops which are only called notebooks in South Korea Post-Millennium, at inconceivably low price ! their main strong-point were larger-screen 15″ and 17″ laptops (which you would have to call it, still called notebooks in South Korea) and now sell negligible line of tablets . now-and-then they peak into 14″ portable business models, and now offering again much powerful AND affordable line BUT thin AND light !

they mostly order OR import machines from China and should be had for its price ONLY, for a couple of cons understandably exist :

  1. the exterior facade is anti-Apple . i.e., it looks cheap . but once gotten used-to, bears more amicable connotation as softer ‘plastic’ as opposed to Apple’s metalic,
  2. although NOT non-existent, horror stories abound of refunds and/or exchanges,
  3. and they have a single support center at YongSan Electronics Market in all of Korea – but accessible as they are closer to subway stations than YongSan Electronics Market .



just last Novemer 17~19th they have returned to YongSan from the modest hardware (as in mechanics) district of BuCheon, far West of the Capital well-towards inCheon . now in an old hardware neighborhood just North of YongSan Electronics Market, and closer to the subway, as YongSan Electronics Market itself is loosely between subway stations .

  • YongSan KTX bullet Train Station AND Seoul Subway Line 1 YongSan Station Exit 3 will connect you to Bus (used to be) Terminal Market building where Sambo TG (computers & notebooks), HT (cell phone), HP (computer/laptop/printers) and Fujitsu (notebooks and hard disk drives) support centers are located, and a stroll through the bustling (even during recession) YongSan Electronics Market North-ward,
  • Seoul Subway Line 6 (Yes, from iTaewon 😉 HyoChang Park Station – this is one subway station East of GongDok where Airport Express Train stops – Exit 3 and walk 2 large blocks to turn Right on the next large motor-crossing, and is about the second building to your Left,



– Korea Tech BLog, FIVE Days before Christmas 2012 –