as a /very/ sensitive persona concerning LCD screens, I have tried the World’s utmost brands, to land steady at Power Support, a small Japanese company dedicated to “making things” that soared the country onto consumer technology over 1980’s. I am an avid follower of their LCD protection film sheets, whose clear model is transparent as glass, while thumb-print resistant models are NOT overtly matt-surfaced as other competing brands as to obscure finger-swiping between smart-phone pages . although divided on their crystal protection case line : iPod-dedicated models are fine BUT for iPhones they leave the whole upper front bare to crash in contact with surroundings -_- either way, the supposedly hard-plastics crack easily on impact or fall //

come the compromising privacy films – compromising because the physics require you to put thin lines to block side-view, the no-matter how small it gets : it still darkens the whole screen . so better opt for clear view, without getting ready for those commuting moments . could get by on a train, but as smart-phone apps are now coming with mighty efficient bus apps telling the route as well as time, am riding the bus more than ever especially downtown Seoul, where there is no room for spider-web-like subway lines . they sell a few other brands in South Korea, on privacy films but not this, thus ordered .
  initially I took pictures for the record BEFORE applying the actual film, to seen how it WOULD look when attached :

(first comparison) looking from dead front ahead, you can notice a slight difference in brightness . doesn’t seem much for now, but when attached : you do notice a very slight darker tone over-all . but more than that, when put on a bright back-ground you can see the criss-crossing grids .. miniscule BUT evident on-start at “Setting” page, then more when trying to read an eBook .

(second comparison below) is tilting the iPhone 5 side-ways horizontally, from center to Left

(third comparison at bottom) is tilting the iPhone 5 up-and-down vertically, from center, upwards

on both 2nd & 3rd comparison photos, the screen becomes totally BLACK after shifting a good 30 degrees, but the exact blackening point differ depending on which way you turn, because as you will notice from the tiny-thin grids : that it is NOT crossed exactly in a cross “+” NOR “x” but some-where in-between .


in the end, time is NOT here yet for an effective privacy film that can also be transparent as Retina display – far from it actually . Power Support is trying though, after a thumb-print resistant one that is NOT as coarse as well-known competitors .

as belated in a land now used to fast, faster AND fastest (every-thing) in an iPhone shown almost THREE Months after State-side release, the magic exclaimed in Wow’s is gone but envision this : while you were conscious of commuters around you in the subway glancing into your new iPhone, they will see you watching amazingly into an elongated, thin black block .. from any degree they might contemplate (unless they lay his or her head upon your shoulders)

pretty cool huh ?


– Korea Tech BLog, mid-December 2012 –



( March 5th 2012 Supplement ) with much respect to companies like Power Support, faithful to specialized products, I am witness to its Privacy Film which gave ample black-out from side-view, as would a person sitting next to you in a bus or train . but it does block the brightest range emitting from the LCD screen and you do get used to it . however the con really hit when you try to wide-angle take photos – which the iPhone don’t enable aside from extra stitching apps, where you need to see the screen from an angle, like over the top of the table in a restaurant or over a crowd .

so after a good TWO Months of usage, when I made some serious dents on the film (ofcourse with iPhone and screen intact) I am reverting to one of the clear-but-bullet-proof-glass-strong sheet introduced on this BLog, although I still have another Power Support Privacy Film as back-up .