with the exception of Apple MacBooks which have fewer distinct models with longer life-span, most laptops or notebook models are NOT universal, with slight variations on regional characteristics on base models . in South Korea all are now called notebooks, with ultra-book (thin but powerful) as the current pop synonym following net-book (portable cloud-computing) and ultra-slim (like macbook air).

as this is a soft-core Tech BLog, specifications are simply concise, only to suggest you a handful of sweet goodies among a stash flowing out onto the market . and nowadays it would be safe to deduct the next batch will emerge in the next Season .

Korea Tech BLog always accentuates portable power – for I believe you have to play (short-of the most extensive) games between work, yet in affordable range to consider resale price .
and after a stylish introduction on HP notebooks, here a much different sort of notebook with quite price gap 0o0

SamSung Series 9 NT900X4C-A78 introduced June 2012 W2,070,000 !!! at larger discount outlets
intel Core i7 3rd Generation 3517U 1.9GHz – LED BackLight shine-resistant auto-brightness 15 inches 1600×900 pixels – 256GB SSD – 8GB DDR3 RAM – Windows 7u Home Premium – intel HD4000 Graphics shared system – 1.65kg !!! Lithium Polymer detachable 8 cell battery – 1Gbps LAN 802.11n WireLess WiDi – BlueTooth 4.0 HDMi WebCAM USB 2.0 & 3.0 Multi-Reader – Block KeyBoard with light

among all the inter-national bashing between SamSung and Apple .. something unexpected happens when placed next to the revered MacBook Air : suddenly, in such epidome of snobbery, no notebook on Earth can compare with this masterpiece – beginning with looks alone .. as the Gods looked down onto humans on Mount Olympus . SamSung probably made this to show Apple what they can do .. but all for the hefty price of almost THREE bargain notebooks -_-

SamSung Series 3 NT300E5X-TD5S introduced August 2012 W640,000 at larger discount outlets
intel Core i5 3rd Generation 3210M 2.5GHz – LED BackLight shine-resistant 15.6 inches 1366×768 pixels – 500GB HDD – 2GB DDR3 RAM – OS NOT included – intel HD4000 and NVidia GForce 610M Dual Graphics – 2.3kg 6 cell battery – 1Gbps LAN 802.11n WireLess – BlueTooth 4.0 D-Sub WebCAM USB 2.0 Multi-Reader – Block KeyBoard with numeric pad

it is rare for quality SamSung notebooks to come at bargain such price .
to install OS on SSD : disable SATA Gen.mode

Asus X501A-XX099D introduced August 2012 W390,000 !!! at larger discount outlets
intel Celeron Dual Core B820 1.7GHz – LED BackLight 15.6 inches 1366×768 pixels – 500GB HDD – 4GB DDR3 RAM – OS NOT included – intel HD Graphics shared system – 2.07kg 6 cell battery – 1Gbps LAN 802.11n WireLess – BlueTooth 4.0 HDMi D-Sub – face recognition WebCAM – USB 2.0 & 3.0 Multi-Reader – Block KeyBoard with numeric pad

can’t get much cheaper than this, with low calibre hardware to save on heat and noise .


Oh Yes, Typhoon had quite a show this Summer ..
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