OK so Korea might have had enough of it’s Asus Eee PC NetBook days for they WERE the trend at the height of Summer 2008 with Dell, MSI, Acer and other makers jumping into the 9″ ~ 12″ NetBook Band-Wagon over 2009, gradually lending way to larger 15″ and even 17″ heavy-weights towards the end of last year 2009 . but after having tasted the ethereal life the Asus Eee PC’s follow-up models linger on, now in a “beaucoup” saturated market of NetBooks around the Globe :


[ Asus Eee PC 1201T ] introduced this February 2010 for aproximately W484,000 at larger on-line discount stores :
AMD Athon Neo MV-40(1.6 GHz) / LED BackLight 12.1″ 1366 x 768 / 320GB 2GB NO OS / AMD ATI Radeon HD 3200 / 1.46kg 6 Cell 100Mbps LAN 802.11n WireLess / D-Sub WebCam Face-Recognition Multi-Reader / Block KeyBoard, Ultra Thin, Silver

with the extra graphics card enabling higher resolution video play-back on top of the still-barely acceptable AMD Athon Neo although it is a notch above intel’s now-widely used Atom processor on small NetBooks .

seems the ultimate Dream is getting closer to Reality . with extra Graphics at this low price PLUS second generation of modern block keyboards . sure NO Operating System is installed except Asus’ own Express Gate which has been showing up as standard on their PC mother board / main boards since last year, enabling instant but basic music, video, games, messaging AND internet : right after you boot up . and let’s NOT whine on the battery for it is ample to view at least TWO full movies .

so the major culprit on this model for beginners would be in installing an independent OS (Operating System) from a USB Dongle as it is standard in the age of frailing CD / DVD ROM players AND writers . other minor downers along with NO BlueTooth NOR HDMI, can be its loose LCD screen AND its low-quality WebCam of 300,000 pixels .

still thanks to its wide-spread use of PC mother board / main boards in South Korea, it has one of the dependable product support among Asian laptop makers where MSI barely covers it BUT Acer is still a no-show .

more colors such as black OR red to come while intel version CPU comes in alternate model number of 1201N .




[  TG SamBo Everatek Rookie ES-110 J70-I1N7W ] introduced in January 2010 for aproximately W576,000 at larger on-line discount stores :
intel Celeron Dual Core SU2300 (1.2 GHz) / LED BackLight 11.6″ 1366 x 768 / 250GB 2GB Window 7 Home Premium / intel GMA 4500MB 1.4kg Litium Polymer 4 Cell / 100Mps LAN 802.11n WireLess HDMI D-Sub Web-Cam BlueTooth Multi-Reader White

this is a safer bet for beginners since TG Sambo operates nation-wide support centers through-out the Korean Penninsula with some doubling as Dell support centers . and when considering one : MAKE SURE you get the newer version with block-type ‘isolate’ keyboard issued from mid-February sales . YES this IS ‘de facto’ in distinquishing newer laptops / notebooks / netbooks today from their earlier brethrens //




– Korea Tech BLog, February 2010 –