WHO World Health Organization Director-General Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declares Wuhan Corona Virus a (First Corona) Pandemic (which has never been though) to be controlled .

WHO had been delaying this for days and Weeks though saw this coming as I have, and expected the crossing of this Rubicon after the sole-remaining, rather under-developed continents Africa and South America was largely effected . but it came the day after United States President Donald Trump / New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sent-in the National Guard to the most-effected city in the States : New Rochelle in essence to aid the fight against Corona Virus (to clean and deliver) instead of the Dictatorial word (actually just short-of) quarantine .

Trump : ” it will go away~”

COViD-19 : ” You Are Fired !”

Obi Wan Kenobi ” for President : Andrew Cuomo is “


– in a moment of Global history, no-I am NOT proud to be in this Space-Time Continuum here : Korea Tech BLog