as the third Month of Corona Virus infection throughout South Korea comes to a close, we have an idea of how it spreads and kills people of certain age and region – but after only a few days of no-Nada new domestic (that is, NOT flying-in from abroad) infection mid-May, Covid-19 pandemic still is mounting to wreck havoc as the fourth cluster (ShinCheonJi Church in DaeGu – MetaNet MPlatform Call Center in Guro – King Club in iTaewon – Coupang WareHouse in BuCheon) out-breaks onto its fourth Month . KCDC Korea Center for Disease Control data as of May 29 Friday zero a.m. sites a total of 11,402 people diagnosed with 269 deaths  :

[ infection via Geographical Region ]
  1. the largest cluster is at GyeongSang BeukDo, South-West region of the Korean Peninsula consistings of 8259 patients of which 6880 are in its Capital of DaeGu where ShinCheonJi religious sect is head-quartered . this secretive church threw a big-punch onto South-Korean epidemic demographics taking-up over half of the whole CoronaVirus cases .
  2. second-most effected is the Capital of SEOUL with 846 diagnosed
  3. following this region around SEOUL, at 815 people infected
  4. lesser-hit are South-West regions of JeonRa BeukDo and JeonRa NamDo including its Capital of GwangJu totalling 69 (some regional feelings still underly from Korea’s Three-Kingdom era divided into North, South-East and South-West, of which the latter is the least developed still)
  5. of which the least-effect is the Southern-most tourist island of Jeju with only 14 tested-positive .

next comes the scary fact of how wondering-about-town to-gather yonglings are killing elders staying at-home :

[ Mortal Patients by Age Group ]
  1. about half of death due to Corona Virus came to older population over 80 years of age in 131 people,
  2. then 79 deaths between still older ages 70 to 79
  3. 39 death in age 60 ~ 69
  4. 15 dead for age 50 ~ 59
  5. 30 ~ 49 years-old consist of only 5 total,
  6. while no death came to youngsters under 30 years-old


– God Save The Human Race circa 2020 in the Year of our Lord, Korea Tech BLog